Delhi is capricious, loud, and by all means the crown jewel of India, if not entire South Asia.

A cacophony of sounds, sights, and flashy colors rule the streets in the most vivacious capital of the world. Delhi is a boiling cauldron of the daily hustle and national pride. It takes on a different face at every hour of the day. Yet, it never lacks spirit or shine. Although much of the touristic attention has been attributed to Old and New Delhi today, true history enthusiasts know that it nestles the heritage from eight different historical districts. Each is home to unrivaled mosques, temples, and fascinating ruins.

Delhi has seen some glorious and poignant times under the rule of several influential empires. The remnants of each adorn the city as trophies of rich history and the most treasured religions of humanity. A masterpiece of the Mughal Empire, Red Fort salutes visitors in Old Delhi and pays homage to the city, while the “victory tower” Qutb Minar amazes as an impeccable example of South Asian and Islamic architecture. But at the end of the day, it is the sublime temples and mosques that will be engraved in your mind.

Old or New, Delhi’s mojo is in its streets. In the intriguing bazaars and markets, you will set eyes on items and ornaments you have never seen before. Further along, the shops abounded with dazzling saris, and fragrant spices will strike your senses at once. Lose yourself in the bustling lanes of Chandni Chowk, try some Indian street food, and get your hands on some of the mouth-watering sweets offered at the stalls. In Old Delhi, sweeping emporiums gather iconic souvenirs and a myriad of products from popular attractions all around the country, which might be just the place to buy reminders to take home.

Places to see in Delhi

Red Fort

Qutb Minar

Old Delhi

Delhi Gallery

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