Dahab & The Red Sea

As Egypt’s youthful face, Dahab & The Red Sea never fails to mesmerize with its magnetic views.

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On its golden shores, the azure waters of the Red Sea open into a world of colorful corals and abundant marine life. Just beyond its pristine beaches, a vibrant town center thrives with visitors and a unique diving community. Home to splendid natural sites and a buzzing coastline, Dahab & the Red Sea is the threshold that unites Egypt’s authentic identity with the vigor of the modern world. The coastal town on the south of Sinai has been an exceptional getaway from the historic mainland for decades.

Among the Red Sea’s numerous diving spots, the iconic Blue Hole located a few kilometers from Dahab is by far the most appealing. Whether by reef-diving or humbly snorkeling on the surface, exploring the site offers a rewarding experience. Other water activities such as windsurfing and kitesurfing are also available on the pristine beaches closer to the center.

From cozy huts in Nuweiba to luxury resorts along the coast, there are many places to dine and enjoy entertainment opportunities. A day away from adventure is unlikely in a town like Dahab. Yet, it is also one of the first destinations to come to mind for a peaceful and scenic trip. Between the mountains of Sinai and the Red Sea coast, the most refreshing atmosphere in all of Egypt resides in this small town, attracting visitors from around the world.

Places to see in Dahab & The Red Sea


Blue Hole

Mt. Sinai

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