Cienfuegos boasts an inspiring enthusiasm fueled up by the airy vibes of its unique architecture.

A long-time center of sugar, coffee, and tobacco, Cienfuegos lives up to its fame as the “Pearl of the South”. It dazzles with a hearty juxtaposition of enlightened French colonial architecture and the rapid-fire style of the Caribbean. It is one of the most soulful cities in the country. The invaluable trove of Neoclassical buildings at its historic heart earned the city a place among UNESCO sites in 2005. Since then, it has been the traveler’s den. In Cienfuegos, tunes are infectious, the scenery is bewitching, and pleasure-living is as elegant as it can get.

Splintering away from its once-central port are neighborhoods brimming with colonial structures and early 20th-century palaces. A picturesque centerpiece to this versatile assembly is Parque Marti. It is a spacious paved plaza where historical symbols abound every few steps. From the zero kilometers stone to statues of Cuban national heroes and triumphal arches to governmental buildings, the park harbors the treasures of gilded history. Among them, Terry Theater is a particular eye-candy. It stands out with its attractive painted figures. Not far away, the long and dreamy waterfront thoroughfares are a delight to experience, especially at sunset.

Valle Palace is a graceful finishing touch to the ultimate city walking tour. Outrageously Spanish and featuring Gothic and Baroque influences, the villa is a feast for the eyes. Before sunset, recover from the cinematic feel of the architectural scene. And, head downtown for a night marked by its fiery essence. There, you will find hip bars and breweries reverberating in local tunes. So blend in and taste the medicine of Cienfuegos for yourself.

Places to see in Cienfuegos

Parque Marti

Terry Theater

Palacio de Valle

Cienfuegos Gallery

Tours visiting Cienfuegos

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