A blue oasis amidst the red-earth cities of Morocco, Chefchaouen is the embodiment of Moorish flair.

The atmospheric feel of the Rif Mountains descends upon the city like a heavenly veil. Its blue-washed alleys become even more alluring at every step. An artsy open-air museum of monochrome architecture, Chefchaouen offers a tasteful divergence from the red-earthed cities of Morocco. Some say the streets were dyed in blue by Jewish and Moorish settlers who escaped the Spanish Inquisition. Others believe it was a practical solution for a common mosquito problem. The stories that make Chefchaouen the stuff of legend continue to attract travelers who wish to get a taste of Morocco’s “Blue Pearl.”

The medina of Chefchaouen is quite an eyeful. It features brick-colored roofs, blue-rinsed houses, and doorways adorned with glazed indigo tiles. As you stroll down the alleys, keep your eyes open for the tiniest detail. In Chefchaouen, an unforgettable photographic experience awaits in every corner. Now and then, warm shades of orange and red pop up in a window that opens up to some of Morocco’s finest shops. Leather goods and patterned vestures are among the traditional products to buy. The rest of the cultural offerings lie in Outa el-Hammam Square, including the Great Mosque, the Andalusian-style kasbah, and numerous cafes and restaurants.

Chefchaouen has its share of the spectacular nature of northeast Morocco. Running creeks and waterside foliage lend the city its refreshing vibes. Just a few minutes away from the medina, Ras el-Maa waterfall rushes majestically and flows into the city. It has become a gathering point for locals. You will witness them exchanging small talk while washing clothes. The lovely mountain town of Chefchaouen is the diverting side of Morocco’s authentic character and certainly worth taking a trip to the northern end of the country.

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