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11 Mar


The longer your bucketlist grows and the further you travel, its likely your funds will be depleting. Sad face. Fear not though, there’s some easy ways to scrimp and save – it’s so worth it when you can see exotic places, meet new people and experience different cultures. Here’s some ways to cut your expenses so you can save more money to travel the world.

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04 Sep

Have You Ever Wanted To Volunteer?

In today’s world volunteering has become an ever growing sector as more and more people wish to dedicate their time to ‘giving back’ to those societies or communities less fortunate than others. In essence ‘volunteering’ means a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task without being paid. However, many who have volunteered can say that although volunteering offers no monetary reward, it most definitely offers plenty of richness.

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14 Jul

4 Reasons To Study In The UK

StudyingThe UK is one of the most popular study destinations in the world for young people from abroad. One of the main reasons is its education system, which is one of the most respected in the world – a degree from a British institution allows graduates to go in many possible paths internationally.

However academic strengths aside, the UK boasts many perks and positives to enjoy beyond the lecture-hall and books. So even if you’re not of student-age, Britain is definitely somewhere you should go while you’re still young and with fewer responsibilities. And if you are a student who’s undecided about where to study, consider taking your studies overseas. Take a look at why students love the UK…

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