Best Time To Visit Portugal

The best time to visit Portugal is from April to October when the Atlantic coast is blooming with life and the weather is perfectly warm for enjoying the iconic city life. In late spring, sea temperatures reach the ideal level, making activities by the ocean comfortable. The natural landscapes have much to offer in spring and fall when the crowds are thinner than in the buzzing summer season. 

From June to August, Portugal experiences its high season as locals and tourists head to the coast to avoid the excessive heat of the inland. It is a perfect time for Portugal trips, to visit the beaches, and to experience the nightlife to the fullest. 

December to February is the low season in Portugal, as the weather is chilly and most beaches are closed. The short winter days don’t offer the best time for sightseeing, while the cities are quiet due to the school season.

Monthly Travel Guide For Portugal

Travelling in Portugal in January and February

In winter, temperatures don’t drop below 10°C on the coast due to Portugal’s oceanic climate. However, it is not the best time to visit Portugal. From January to February, the popular attractions and cities are quiet, and the beach life is almost non-existent since ocean temperatures do not rise until late spring.

best time to visit Portugal
Belém Tower, Lisbon

Travelling in Portugal between March and May

Rainfall begins across the country in March, and the weather is still chilly for activities on the coast. Spring arrives in April and lasts until the end of May, bringing long hours of sunshine, balmy weather, and a festive vibe across Portugal’s most popular cities. 

Spring offers a relatively quiet time, and the weather is more comfortable for sightseeing in the cultural capital of Lisbon. April and May are perfect months for Portugal tours if you wish to experience life in the coastal cities before the summer folks arrive.

best time to visit Porto
Porto City Hall

Travelling in Portugal between June and August

Daytime and ocean temperatures reach the ideal level, and the iconic beaches of the Portuguese coast host thousands of tourists. Summer is the best time to visit Portugal for the ultimate beach vacation. It is also an ideal time to combine relaxing on the coast at noon and cultural trips in the churches and cathedrals of Lisbon. 

As summer is the peak season in Portugal, you may expect to find the beaches and popular spots on the coast at their most crowded time.


Travelling in Portugal in September and October

The beach weather lingers on in September, making it a wonderful time to visit the fascinating attractions in Lisbon, Porto, and Lagos. The fall season is perfect for walking tours in the city and wine tasting in the countryside.

It is also the best time to visit Portugal for admiring some of the most spectacular ocean views. Around mid-October, occasional rainfalls begin across the country, but the mild temperatures last until November.

best time to visit Portugal
Sunset in Lisbon

Travelling in Portugal in November and December

The country enters its least busy season in November, as the balmy weather leaves its place to cold and wet days. Beaches and resorts are closed around this time, and the urban centers can be relatively lifeless.

visit Portugal
Luís I Bridge, Porto

When to visit Portugal

Visit Spain & Portugal from April to October

From spring to fall, the weather across the Iberian Peninsula is pleasantly warm, offering the perfect opportunity for a combined trip from Spain to Portugal. Sightseeing in the historical sites of Lisbon and Madrid, enjoying a sangria in the buzzing street cafes, and catching a flamenco show are some of the highlight activities to try in these months.

Autumn’s harvest season in both countries is a spectacular sight, while the beaches of Lagos and Barcelona are perfect for sunbathing and swimming in the summer months. Whether you want a quiet holiday or wish to experience the most vibrant days in Portugal and Spain, our Spain & Portugal Discovered tour combines the highlight activities to try from April to October.

Trips to Portugal in Spring and Autumn

Spring and autumn are the ideal seasons for Portugal tours, as the cities awaken from the short chilly days of winter. In spring, the beaches reach the optimal conditions for the ultimate European beach vacation. The coastal paradise of Lagos is in sunlight, and the streets of Lisbon are filled with life beginning in April once again. The days are getting longer, allowing for flexible hours of sightseeing and relaxation.

In autumn, the warm weather and harvest season make spending time in coastal cities valuable. It is the best time for leisure activities such as wine tasting in Porto, partying in Lisbon’s Bairro Alto, and enjoying some quiet time on the beaches. Although the peak summer season is the best time to visit Portugal, autumn and spring has a lot to offer in terms of these seasonal activities, as well.

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