Embark on a thrilling journey in Athens, the birthplace of Western civilization and Greece’s main city.

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Built over layers of time, Athens is the centerpiece of Greece’s living and breathing history. Thriving modernity sprawls across the land where first western civilizations sprouted to life. At the center, the Acropolis sits solemnly. It holds within a glory so prominent that it is hard to look away. It is also what millions of travelers flock to the city for—a visual sense of wonderment that cuts through the contemporary metropolis like a knife. Beyond its antique allure, the youthful spirit of Athens offers a thrilling experience of arts, philosophy, mythology, and everything intimately human.

The heartland of Ancient Greece offers boundless exploration. It hosts several iconic monuments including the Parthenon that crowns the city’s highest ground. Encircling the spectacular site are countless temples built by Pericles and dedicated to the cult of Athena. Also worth visiting is the Acropolis Museum, where preserved sculptures are a dime a dozen. If you are in for a photographic experience, the UNESCO site dazzles from a distance at dusk.

Once the archaic charm of the city is out of your mind, the cultural hub of Plaka awaits at the foot of Acropolis. It is one of the oldest districts in Greece. Its streets crackle with tavernas, cafes, small shops selling local-style jewelry, and street musicians playing Mediterranean tunes. Visitors typically come to Plaka for a sense of the easygoing Greek life and shopping for olive products.

The modern city of Athens has something for every taste, from contemporary movements to folk music, ancient archeology to edgy street art. Like most European capitals, downtown Athens comes to life at nightfall. Experience more of its cultural offerings with live shows and evocative ocean views.

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