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Bucharest’s Arc of Triumph may not be as fancy as that of Paris. Still, it captures the attention of passersby as a colossal centerpiece. It would be an understatement to call the arc a landmark. Anchoring one of the busiest intersections of the city, Arch de Triumph is a stark representation of Romania’s unity. Even today, it is the primary site for national celebrations and military parades.

It was first constructed from wood to host the victory march when Romania won its independence in 1878. A concrete replacement followed after World War II, and the arc underwent several renovations to reach its current Neoclassical appearance. Owing to years of effort, the Arc of Triumph painstakingly reflects the national pride of the Romanian public. Although some of the pictures on its facade fell victim to communist forces, one of the darkest eras in Romanian history couldn’t manage to overshadow its glory.

If you are up for a climb, the arc’s interior stairs will take you to one of the most charming views of the cityscape. You can enjoy it from the tasteful terrace at the top. Or head to the museum, where the previous faces of Arc of Triumph are on display for the bewilderment of visitors. Bucharest’s favorite monument has reinvented itself almost as triumphantly as the city itself.

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