Angkor Wat

With its sublime figure, Angkor Wat delivers what millions hail as a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle.

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There are few architectural sites in the world as fiercely valued as Angkor Wat. Lying amidst the remnants of Cambodia’s legendary Khmer Empire, Angkor Wat is a renowned masterpiece with its architectural feats. Built in the 12th century as a city of temples, it shelters over a thousand buildings laden with statues and carvings. Each pays homage to the Hindu God Vishnu. Today, millions of travelers flock to Angkor Wat, as UNESCO and the Cambodian government strive to preserve the site. Within its far-reaching sprawl, you will find the laurels of the Khmer Empire in the galleries.

Religious symbolization cohabits with architectural feats in every section of Angkor Wat. The five temple mountains that strike visitors at first glance represent the summits of Mount Meru. It is a mythical mountain central in Hindu and Buddhist cosmology. Celestial attributes continue in the galleries and chambers skillfully designed to honor worship. The outer gallery alone is worthy of a day’s exploration with spectacular pavilions and engravings. Outside, massive moats further highlight the beauty of Angkor Wat. These photogenic additions symbolize the seas surrounding Meru.

The prospect of spiritual encounters on the site is still promising despite the tourist hustle. Buddhist monks carry on their practices in the temples, offering visitors heartfelt moments of joy and enlightenment. But it is not until sunset that the true charm of Angkor Wat unravels.

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