Agra is India’s long-time favorite for experiencing the architectural feats of the country. 

Home to the magnificent Taj Mahal, Agra thrives on the banks of river Yamuna as a time capsule holding India’s glory years within.  But these days, it no longer prides itself solely upon the Taj. Travelers journey to the city to have a glimpse into the glorious Mughal period. The empire left behind numerous tombs, mausoleums, and a fascinating culture engraved in the city’s spirit. It is the highlight destination of India’s Golden Circle.

Agra’s imperial flair lies in the exquisite buildings of Mughal architecture. Scattered around the river and under the imposing shadow of the Taj Mahal, you will find several tombs dedicated to an emperor or empress of the time. The elegant white marble of Rajasthan marks almost every one of them. Intricate designs and fiery sandstone arches are all around. But nothing compares to the Taj, an epitome of sublime beauty rising above the holy waters of Yamuna, all washed in white. Agra Fort awaits a few minutes to the west with the best views of the city and harbors spectacular imperial residences. Together, they make Agra a shining jewel at night once the moonlight begins caressing the river.

The architectural tour continues in the chaotic streets, but the true stars here are food and handicraft. Merging Mughlai traditions with post-colonial vigor, Agra has a lot to offer in terms of culinary arts and artistic value. Centuries-old Mughal crafts are cherished in the photogenic workshops where local artisans practice marble art, while India’s opulent taste once again manifests itself in the food stalls. In the buzzing marketplaces, it won’t take long to get lost in the convivial frenzy inherent to India.

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