Eight Exhilarating Easter Escapes

Forget the chocolates. Easter is all about the holidays. Even the Easter Bunny gets around, dropping off eggs! If you haven’t booked or even thought about an Easter escape, there’s some top-notch countries waiting to be discovered. And better yet? You still have plenty of time to get on board! Feeling like a bit of heat? Egypt has you covered there. Or what about a country that feels like a winter wonderland? Russia has you sorted. What ever country you’re keen to venture to, Easter is an ideal time to explore all the culture and natural marvels on offer.

Here are eight exhilarating Easter escapes.


Explore the diverse land of the Ottomans – from the congested craziness of Istanbul to the natural wonders of Pamukkale and ancient ruins in Ephesus, this culturally-rich country should be at the top of any traveller’s list. Taste the Moorish Turkish cuisine and drown yourself in çay (aka Turkish tea). In 9 days, you’re able to see so much including a sunrise hot-air balloon over the amazing rock formations of Cappadocia and have the opportunity to commemorate the ANZAC spirit in Gallipoli.

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Who wouldn’t want to explore museums, mummies and mountains in the Middle East? Not only is Egypt a utopia of ancient wonders but sailing on a traditional felucca boat down the Nile River or chilling on the Red Sea in Dahab is absolute bliss! Tick the Great Pyramids of Giza off your bucket list and soak up the sunshine this Easter.

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A combined Egypt and Jordan tour over the Easter period is great, but if you just want to go to Jordan, we have that option too. Escape to a stunningly diverse country with so much to offer on a Jordan tour over the Easter break. Embarking on a Jordan tour over the Easter holiday is the ultimate time to visit all the natural and cultural phenomena’s such as Petra, Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea. This is because the weather is warm making exploration occasions ideal for travellers.

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Morocco produces such amazing textiles, handicrafts and spices, to name a few. Getting lost in the maze of markets, bargaining for a good deal and eating from the street vendors is an experience to remember. But if it’s not the Medinas that make you want to go, it has to be the scenery. The hippy coastal town of Essaouira and the cosmopolitan city of Casablanca are such a stark contrast to the silence of the Sahara Desert.

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Spain & Portugal

Spain and Portugal impress travellers with their abundance of culture, history, architecture, vibrant cities and diverse landscapes. Join Travel Talk on a Spain and Portugal tour over the Easter break to experience two countries full of adventure and fun with a profusion of superb sites that have all travellers mesmerised.

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Rush on over to one of the world’s most mysterious countries. Experience the country’s main highlights on an adventure from St. Petersburg to Moscow. Witness the lolly-coloured buildings, monumental sites and centuries-old cultural traditions. Just a heads up that come Easter time, temperatures are still only average -2 degrees Celsius so pack your woollies.

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India & Nepal

Embark on a group tour through India over the Easter break to explore all the fantastic sites that the country offers. An India Easter tour enables you to visit places such as Delhi, the Taj Mahal, Jaipur, Agra, Fatenpur Siki and Amber Fort, making the tour ideal for travellers looking to experience all the major highlights of incredible India in one go. Tick Nepal off your travel bucket-list! A Nepal Easter tour takes you to the heart of remarkable sites, culture, history and landscapes of a country so intriguing and enlightening. From exploring Kathmandu to trekking through the Nepalese mountains, a Nepal tour is ideal for an adventurous traveller looking for authentic an experience.

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Thailand & Cambodia

Journey to Thailand on a group tour over the Easter break to immerse yourself in a country with phenomenal history, culture, monuments, palaces and cuisine. Discover Bangkok’s bustling markets and temples, explore the ancient complex of Ayutthaya, learn about the famous bridge on the river Kwai, enjoy the abundance of adventurous activities and mingle with the locals. Taking a group tour through Cambodia over the Easter break is an ideal period to explore renowned archaeological sites, spectacular colonial towns, charming villages and unspoiled landscapes.  Cambodia presents a profusion of remarkable experiences for every traveller.

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So, which destination are you escaping to this Easter?

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