6 Affordable Destinations You Should Visit in March

Who doesn’t love a bargain? Especially when that bargain involves affordable flights and accommodation! March is the perfect month for a budgeting traveller wanting the best of all worlds – a meaningful experience and plenty of reductions. Here are 6 places that are inexpensive to visit in March:

1. Vietnam

An all-time favourite for backpackers. What makes March different? While sunshine and clear blue skies pervade Vietnam during the spring season, it’s an off-peak time. Meaning, fewer tourists lounging on beaches, grab an authentic banh mi without the queue, and you’ll manage to snap that Instagram-worthy shot of Vietnam’s rice fields without the intrusion of a photobomber.


2. Thailand

Generally inexpensive all year round, but why not score the best deals available that fall in March! Like Vietnam, Thailand is hot and dry during the off-peak month, making it a reliable destination for sunseekers.

Top Tip: Thailand’s crystal blue waters in March means a greater chance of spotting whale sharks and giant manta rays!

Resort with coconut trees

3. Portugal

You’ll find amazing deals as Portugal transitions from colder weather into warmer, yet not scorching temperatures. Fewer crowds equate to strolling cobbled stone streets with ease, quiet lookout points, and historic sights including Pena Palace.

Top Tip: March is the best season for surfers seeking to ride massive waves!


4. Spain

Generally, an affordable destination already, but even more reasonable prices are available in the shoulder season of March! Again, fewer crowds are apparent, signifying a more intimate restaurant setting as you eat plates of Paella. Top Tip: Don’t miss the Fallas de Valencia festival! It is an artsy festival commemorating Saint Joseph.


5. Jordan

With the beginning of spring, valleys are green, and wildflowers bloom. March sees warm temperatures, fewer tourists, and better rates. The quiet sites of Petra and Wadi Rum would be all yours to take advantage of!


6. India

March hosts cooler temperatures than sweltering summer weather. You’ll also find great savings on accommodation. But most importantly, March celebrates India’s most vibrant and colourful festival: Holi. It’s a once in a lifetime experience that you cannot miss (and you won’t, because it’s celebrated all over India!) Get your powdered colours ready!


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