4 Tour Options For Asia

Do you feel like you’ve seen a lot of Europe and want a bit of a change? Well then, who is keen to see a bit of Asia? From Delhi to Chiang Mai Travel Talk have got you covered. If you weren’t already aware, Travel Talk goes to the exciting countries of India, Nepal, Cambodia and Thailand ranging from 5 to 16-day tours. We’re in, are you?

Here’s the low down, and Travel Talk’s 4 tour options for Asia:

India Tours

A tour to India takes you on a voyage that provides a remarkable fusion of people, traditions and landscapes. A country that is delightfully diverse, India offers you the opportunity to visit mighty monuments and forts, experience the colourful and chaotic streets of Delhi, discover Jaipur; a beguiling ancient city and doorway to India’s utmost flamboyant state, visit Fatehpur Sikri a magnificent fortified historical city and see the jewel of Muslim art and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the grand Taj Mahal. An India Tour is a pilgrimage of sorts and is a necessity for any thrill-seeking travellers who want to get off the beaten track and experience a country like no other.

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Nepal Tours

Nepal is a destination that offers a rich history, pure beauty, enthralling scenery and vibrant cities. From the birthplace of Buddha to the tallest peak of the world, the folks of Nepal will steal your heart. Discover Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu which is boundlessly captivating with various sights, sounds and smells, marvel at the medieval temples, discover Pokhara, a city which offers remarkable scenery, adventure pursuits and an abundant of food options, experience an incredible trekking adventure at Annapurna and visit the beautiful Chitwan which is home to Nepal’s first national park and holds the status of a UNSECO World Heritage Site. This really is a country like no other, ideal for those inquisitive travellers on the quest for amazing experiences.

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Thailand Tours

Home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, known for their massage and beauty treatments and loved for their laidback and party lifestyle, it’s no wonder Thailand is a popular destination for tourists. Often referred to as Land of Smiles, the Thai people are renowned for their friendly natures and strong sense of hospitality and generosity. Religion is also very significant in Thailand with the majority of the population following Buddhism. Located all throughout the country are thousands of famous and remarkable temples not to be missed by visitors. The beloved Thai cuisine will have your mouth watering with enough restaurants, stalls and markets to suit all budgets. Go explore Thailand – relax on the heavenly white, sandy beaches, take part in a local cooking class, experience the monks praying, enjoy the lively night markets, and party until dawn.

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Cambodia Tours

Located between Thailand and Vietnam, Cambodia is undeniably one of the more less-known countries in Southeast Asia however, makes the country all the more interesting. With secluded beaches, ancient temples and a fascinating culture this small country is not to be missed on your Indochina travels. Discover Cambodia’s impressive and tumultuous history evident by the prominent war memorials and monuments. Prepare to be awed by the sensational architecture of the world’s largest religious structure and often referred to as ‘the mother’ of all temples, Angkor Wat. Explore the charming streets of Phnom Penh, learn to cook traditional cuisines and fall in love with the natural beauty and genuine locals of Cambodia.

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