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Inca & Amazon Adventure - Puerto Maldonado

Peru’s majestic gateway to the Amazon and the iconic starting point of jungle tours, Puerto Maldonado raises the temperature before you even explore the depths of the forest. A giant, growing paradise where pockets of wilderness linger, the region delivers what your adventurous spirit desires. The city itself is helplessly overshadowed by the marvels of the Amazon. Still, the capital of the Madre de Dios region will get under your skin with a promise of adrenaline and boundless fascination unlike anywhere else.

Start from the edge of the town on a motorized riverboat and head towards the depths of the world’s most captivating darkness. On the banks of Madre de Dios River, a frenetic wildlife activity will strike your mental tastebuds almost immediately. Herons, turtles, ronsocos, and many more roam in unruly troops all across the jungle. Beginning at the water’s edge at the Caimán Cocha Lake, a wild and mysterious world opens its doors for a thrilling journey. This area is best explored on foot among the surrounding trails. As daunting as it is beautiful, the lake offers a diverse experience with numerous crocodilian species. Further along, the watery fabric of the forest continues in the Lake Apu Victor region. Here, the jungle transforms into an extraordinary habitat for parrots. As you meander around, you will be accompanied by the tall trees ringing in the eclectic tunes of countless species.

Another site worthy of visiting in Puerto Maldonado is Monkey Island. Eight monkey species turn the site into an exotic playground, mischievously swinging through the canopy and flirting with travelers. At sunset, the sky turns fiery red on the backdrop of the bright emerald of the Amazon, giving way to views so astonishing that you won’t feel sorry to leave.

Places to see in Puerto Maldonado

Caimán Cocha Lake

Lake Apu Victor

Monkey Island

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