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Osaka Castle lies at the heart of the city of Osaka. It is a symbol of General Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s efforts to commemorate his victories and the unification of Japan. However, the fortified structure you will see today is a reconstruction of the original 16th-century castle. It is nevertheless a priceless token from the country’s poignant years of war. The attractive style doesn’t get ahead of its formidable look. But, the castle is an absolute spectacle for the eye with the surrounding green landscape and dazzling moats.

Osaka Castle covers around 61,000 square meters and features 13 structures that are valuable as cultural assets nationwide. Remnants of the original castle include turrets and gates. The reconstructed castle offers a versatile collection of art, armour, and displays about the history of the site. A replica of the main tower is the crown jewel, shining with its pastel green multi-tiered roofs and sublime style. The whole scene of Osaka Castle reveals its true beauty at sunset. It gets washed in the purple hue of the sky and golden lights. If you stick around for this spectacular occasion, find your way to one of the bridges that connect the outer and inner moats. From there, you can watch as the image of the fort falls over serene waters.

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