Marble Mountain

Equal in solemn sensations with Greece’s Meteora, the Marble Mountain will sweep you off your feet in its otherworldly atmosphere.

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From the outside, it looks like an almost cinematic blend of limestone and marble made into sheer rock walls. But step inside, and you will find a world brimming with caves, tunnels, and temples hidden in Vietnam’s outspoken Marble Mountains. Right across the South China Sea, the five outcrops each have a pagoda perched on them. They represent five natural elements after which they are named: wood, water, earth, fire, and gold. Equal in solemn sensations with Greece’s Meteora, the Marble Mountain will sweep you off your feet in its otherworldly atmosphere.

The villages at the base of the mountain provide a rather casual entrance to the site. But, don’t let their informal vibes mistake you. Once you step foot on the rock mass, the scene will change dramatically in an instant. Built by Mahayana Buddhists and Nguyen Kings, it was the main pilgrimage site for the most important figures of the times. The traces of their holy visits radiate through the walls and bestow upon the site a profound feeling. The caves are particularly sights to behold. With its collapsed ceiling, moss-covered walls, and Buddha statues, the Huyen Khong is the largest, resembling a film set more than a real place. This is the climax of the photogenic looks of the mountain, so prepare your camera. Hoa Nghiem Cave is also unique for being home to an exquisite statue of Lady Buddha inside the Water Mountain.

While the caves are the mystic side of the mountain, the pagoda shrines stand out as a corner of heaven. Head to Linh Ung Pagoda and marvel at its translucent lotus ponds. The architecture and ornaments in the pagoda are similar to the UNESCO sites in Hue. There is also a tower near it, offering the most breathtaking views of the countryside. If possible, visit the Marble Mountain in the quiet hours to savor its atmosphere to the fullest.

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