How to Spend One Week in Jordan

Adventure calls in the Holy land of Jordan, with locals ready to lend a friendly hand. With archaeological gems decorating every turn, the country is nothing short of a museum. Here’s how to make the most of Jordan in one week.

Day 1: Amman

Amman, the capital of Jordan as well as its largest city, is friendly and vibrant. A modern city holding many gems of the past, Amman is a patchwork of old and new.

This very past is brought to the forefront by glorious architecture. Discover a grand colosseum is embedded into the city. For those eager history buffs, there are plenty of museums celebrating Jordan folklore, architecture and art. Afterwards, enjoy the glittering skyline backgrounding the Temple of Hercules.

Day 2: Ajlun

Escape the city for a while. Just North of Amman in a sea of pine trees is Ajlun. Ajlun is best known for its 12th century castle, towering over the Jordanian pastures. This medieval castle was used as a stronghold against the crusaders. In the modern day, it is an iconic spot that overlooks a quaint village. The scenic views of the Jordan countryside is a must see.

Day 3. Wadi Rum

Known as the ‘Valley of the Moon’, Wadi Rum is an otherworldly experience. The desert is a blanket of amber sand that will give you a taste of Mars. In fact, many Hollywood productions have used Wadi Rum for filming. When the sun drops and the earth cools, the milky way galaxy will open itself up above. Whether it’s by trekking, camel or jeep, Wadi Rum is an absolute must see.

Day 4. Petra

Embedded into the rock side of Jordan’s southwestern desert is Petra. Otherwise known as the ‘Rose City’, due to the pink flush of the rock formation.  Deep corridors of the damn will lead you into the city. The Treasury is perhaps Jordan’s most iconic wonder. Centuries of history still await to be uncovered here, with the Treasury’s purpose still baffling archaeologists. As the day slips away, you can enjoy the formation’s orange glow during sunset.

Day 5. Dead Sea

Next stop, the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea, stitched across Jordan and Israel, is the lowest point on Earth. It’s also one of the most Instagrammable places you’ll find. Clear blue water, white lumps of salt formations and the glorious views. Leisurely float on its surface as a result of the high salt content. Enjoy the fresh water springs or messy mud baths. One nourishing dip has a wealth of health benefits!

Day 6. Jerash

Just North of Amman is the ancient city of Jerash. Here you will find a spectacular archaeological site with Biblical origins and plenty to see. This is one of the best Roman sites you will find in the Middle East. Discover a grand amphitheatre, the temple of Artemis, the oval forum and more.

After finding out a bit about Jordan, it should certainly be on your list by now! Keen to experience this and more? Check out our Jordan tours.

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