How to Spend 48 Hours in Transylvania

Are you eager to follow Dracula’s footsteps? Does the gothic and spooky entice you? Chase down Transylvanian legends, history, and breath-taking landscapes in only two days! Here’s our guide to exploring Transylvania in 48 hours:

Day 1 – Brasov

You must begin your trip in Brasov as it is considered the closest city to Bran Castle aka Dracula’s castle. Brasov is a charming city characterised by gothic style buildings, an irresistible old town with fascinating history and picturesque views.

Brasov cityscape with black cathedral and mountain in background


Start your morning bright and early with a national Romanian breakfast, mamaliga. Similar to Western polenta, this cornmeal porridge served with milk is a hearty meal that will keep you satiated until lunch.

The Old Town

After your nourishing meal, head straight to Brasov’s beautiful and historic centre. The heart of the city is perfect for a walk back in history and essential sightseeing. The very centre of Brasov is called Piata Sfatului. Depending on the time of your visit, you may even find a traditional market in place.

Brasov’s centre, Piata Sfatului

Using Piata Sfatului as your base, locate the Black Church that sits just off this main square. With its impressive gothic architecture, the church, which is also Romania’s largest church, functions as Brasov’s emblem. The church’s darkened walls coined its name after a fire occurred in 1689 that devastated the Old Town.

Black Church, Brasov

Get Lost Amid the Cobbles

Lose yourself in the town’s enchanting, maze-like streets. Perhaps you’ll accidentally stumble upon some hidden gems. Don’t forget to look out for Rope Street, the country’s narrowest alleyway! Getting lost will likely stir up a few cravings. Settle your stomach with an authentic Romanian lunch at Plivax Restaurant!

Rope Street


Discover Brasov’s Best Views

Two small towers loom over Brasov from the Warthe Hill (Strada Warthe). These are the White and Black Towers. Built in the 15th century, these were Brasov’s first defence towers. Upon reaching these structures, you’ll witness panoramic views of the Old Town. It’s only a 15-minute walk from Piata Sfatului.

Black Tower
White Tower

On your way back to the Old Town, stop for a midday snack of gogosi! These delicious small doughnuts are flavoured with vanilla extract and grated lemon or orange peel.


If you’re lusting for more snapshots of Brasov’s spectacular views, head towards Brasov’s Hollywood sign, and ride the cable car up to Tampa Mountain. If you’re feeling active, there’s an easy hiking route that will also take you straight there (it’s about an hour’s walk). Time it right and catch Brasov in its golden hour for some instagrammable sunset pictures!

Cable car up Tampa Mountain


Experience Dracula’s castle

For some after dark thrills, visit Bran Castle at night…if you dare. From Brasov’s centre, the castle is about a half hour drive away. Historically, the real Dracula whose name was Vlad Dracula and was known for impaling his enemies, had no connection to Bran Castle. Instead, Vlad Dracula inspired Bram Stoker’s fictious Count Dracula who lived in a remote castle in the novel. This castle was then considered to be Bran Castle by many as it fit Bran’s description.

Wandering around the dimly lit castle in Bran’s spooky setting is a one-of-a-kind experience. The castle is shut to tourists at night, but there are tours available that will take you around the castle’s grounds in quietness. Discover Bran’s torture chamber, explore secret passageways, gothic chambers, and dark hallways. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience that is not for the weak-kneed!

Bran Castle at night best known as Dracula’s Castle

Day 2 – Sighisoara


Once again, get an early start because the small medieval town of Sighisoara is a perfect day trip from Brasov! The journey is an easy trip by bus, car, or train.

Explore Sighisoara’s Historical Attractions

Once those charming multicoloured buildings come into sight, know that you’re in the right place! Sighisoara is a small, fortified fairy-tale-like city stuck in the medieval ages. With cobbled stone streets, a historic Old Town, enticing architecture, and the fact that this is the birthplace of Vlad Dracula, the city is worth a visit!

Stone paved old streets with colorful houses in Sighisoara fortress.

First, walk up the Scholars’ Stairs to the Church on the Hill. The former is an impressive, covered stairway made of wood which leads all the way up to the School Hill. It was built in 1642 and has 176 steps. 

Wooden staircase built in 1642 to connect the lower and upper parts of the citadel.

The church is the most important church in Sighisoara and the third largest in Transylvania. Its architecture is late Gothic, and its interior is decorated with stunning frescoes. It also contains Transylvania’s sole Romanesque crypt.

Next to the church, located in the Saxon Cemetery, follow the winding path downwards as it will lead you straight to the Sighisoara Citadel, the city’s historic centre. The path is a picturesque option that offers impressive views over the city.

Church on the Hill with the Saxon Cemetery located on the grounds.


Investigate Sighisoara’s Colourful Alleys

After grabbing a bite to eat, Sighisoara’scobbled stone streets littered with gems are calling! Upon your wandering, seek out the Bootmaker’s Tower, one of the city’s prominent defensive fortifications.

Bootmaker’s Tower located to the right.

You’ll eventually stumble upon the gothic construction of the Church of the Dominican Monastery. Right next to the church, you’ll find Dracula’s Bust.

Don’t forget to pay Casa Vlad Dracul a visit. Not only is this incredibly yellow establishment a restaurant, but it is also the house where Vlad Dracula was born. He lived there until he was 4. For a small admission, you can experience his creepy childhood bedroom.

Casa Vlad Dracul


On your way to dinner in the Lower Town, stop by the Clock Tower to capture more marvellous views of the magical city. The Tower is a striking structure containing Sighisoara’s History Museum that sprawls out on every level.

Sighisoara Clock Tower

After a day of sightseeing, unwind at Joseph T. Restaurant & Wine Bar for a delicious dinner. Make sure to try the Papansi, also known as cheese doughnuts, for dessert!


Feeling inspired? Retrace Dracula’s steps yourself with our Transylvania tours!

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