8 Reasons To Spend Summer in Greece

Greece is an absolute summer paradise, from its jaw dropping landscapes, breath-taking sunsets, ancient monuments and pristine coastlines, it is no surprise Greece is at the top of everyone’s travel lists.

Written by Erin McNeill

Travel Talk Contributor

See our top reasons why you should visit Greece this summer:

1. Let’s go to the beach

With its extensive coastlines, Greece is the perfect beach spot to soak up some vitamin D, relax on golden sands and jump into cool blue waters.

2. View for days

From mountainous landscapes, pristine beaches, rolling green hills with vineyards, white-washed villages and ancient architecture, Greece’s beauty will leave you speechless.

3. Instagram-worthy sunsets

3. Instagram-worthy sunsets

Want to see the most magical sunset in the world? Visit Oia, Santorini and watch the sun set over the white washed villages of Santorini and the skies turn to pink and orange.


4. Adventure junkies

Jump on a quad bike and explore the islands and secluded beaches. Or take to the waters with adrenaline pumping water sports, discovering underwater caves and cliff jump into the sea below. What ever adventure you’re seeking, be sure that Greece will have it covered.

people on boats in Greece

5. Calling all foodies

Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, carnivore or on a seafood diet (see food and eat it ?), Greece has something for everyone. From tzatziki to moussaka to honey covered Greek donuts loukoumades or even a cheeky late night gyros, your stomach will be very happy!

Greek foods

6. Turn the pages of your history books

Whether you’re history buff or not, Greece has fantastic monuments and UNESCO heritage sites. With history spanning over 3,400 years, Greece is widely referred to as the cradle of Western civilisation and birthplace of democracy. Discover the Parthenon and Acropolis and Temple of Zeus in Athens or discover mythological and archaeological sites on the island of Delos.

Pantheon, Greece

7. Epic nightlife

Beach bars, pool parties and crazy bars & clubs have given Greece legendary nightlife status! So get ready to dance the night away and if you dare, try a sip of traditional Greek liqueur Ouzo .

8. It’s getting hot, hot, hot

Escape the cold rainy winters (London we are looking at you) and enjoy clear blue skies and sunny days. From May through to September expect hardly any rain and temperatures often exceeding 27 degrees!

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