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At Travel Talk, we believe that travel is a force for good and show our support through various initiatives and charity organizations, as well as keeping the principals of responsible and sustainable travel at the core of our ethos. These values are engrained in our business culture and the design of our trips just the same.

Together with our guests, we strive to make a positive impact on local people and economies, respecting the local culture, environment, social fabric and customs; encouraging respectful and meaningful cross-cultural exchange. These values are reflected in our efforts to fulfil our Economic, Social and Environmental Responsibilities.

Economic Responsibility

We have been working with local companies, organizations, destination operators, guides and drivers since the beginning. All parts of our operation employ local residents totalling to more than 150, supporting local economies, especially where other industries are undeveloped.

On a mission to contribute to social progress, we support several organizations at the destinations we operate. We believe education is vital to unlock the potential of children and young people for better futures and sustainable development. Travel Talk supports local organizations committed to educating and rehabilitating local communities, particularly young women.  Please join our mission to create much-needed opportunities for a better education especially in Turkey, Egypt and Morocco.

We frequently sponsor charity events such as Gala on the Green in United Kingdom & Australia, which supports various charities every year. We also contribute fundraisers within our community at any opportunity by providing holidays.

Social Responsibility

Travel Talk guests are not just tourists, but avid travellers, always respecting the local culture, traditions and customs; encouraging respectful and meaningful cross-cultural exchange. As you delve into a culture on tour, your local guide will inform you on the cultural and social norms. We are glad to share these core values with all of our guests.

This effort is reflected in many of our tours. For instance, Morocco trips journey through one of the most underdeveloped parts of the country, where tourism is the driving force behind progress. In most major sites, local guides, beside the tour leader (who are locals in almost all our destinations) are also used for expert information. We delicately organize visits to local houses, workshops and initiatives – such as the pottery workshop in a Saharan Oasis, teatime with Berber villagers and Women’s Cooperative of Argan Oil. Our efforts are rewarded by sustainable economic development and a flourishing community.

Shaping Lives, Actionaid, Willow Foundation and Alone in London are some charities we have supported in the past years, focused on social development at different scales. Shaping Lives initiative works for children’s education and healthcare in India. Actionaid is a South African organisation operating in 45 countries against poverty and injustice. Willow Foundation organises special, uplifting days for the seriously ill in the UK, aged between 16 and 40. Alone in London supports young people, preventing homelessness. We proudly sponsor Gala on the Green in support of various such charities each year (United Kingdom & Australia).

We strive to give back to the community at every place we exist as Travel Talk. We passionately represent our core values, uniting on social development, awareness, sustainability and responsibility. Together with our guests, we continue to work together with local communities towards a better future driven by the power of travel.

Environmental Responsibility

Travel Talk recognizes the impact of travel on climate change and ecology. We strive to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible through efficient vehicles and transportation, sustainability and waste management policies across our destinations and offices. We condemn any practices of animal abuse and related touristic activities. On our tours, we always prefer visiting establishments committed to protection and rehabilitation of animals that are adored by all travellers.

We practice recycling and energy-use management at our offices. While reusing paper and printer cartridges, we have also significantly reduced any print material. Switching to digital over the last years, we have almost zero collaboration on printed paper, and communicate with all our passengers online or over the phone.

We have taken our environmental responsibilities into consideration on all our tours. In order to maintain a small ecological footprint, we always prefer buses with a lower environmental impact on all our tours, year-round. In India, all our guests are offered to use a personalized refillable water thermos, eliminating any plastic. In Morocco, plastic bags banned to reduce waste, a practice we encourage at all our destinations. In Egypt, we sail the Nile on traditional Feluccas with no engine to preserve the nature. In Greece, we stopped operating the major sailing tours in 2014, and use the public ferries with lower gas emission for island hopping tours instead.

At every sight visited, especially natural sites and parks, all the trash is collected by the guide before you leave the bus, with proper warnings given to preserve the local nature. Travellers are always warned about potentially hazardous acts in certain environments – such as risk of forest fires due to cigarettes during the summer.

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