The crystal blue coastlines of Croatia and Turkey are calling! Whether you’re looking to spend your afternoons lazing on the deck, exploring unspoiled nature or indulging in Europe’s best nightlife hotspots, our sailing experiences aim to please. Explore impressive national parks off the well-travelled paths in Turkey or get set for cliff-side bars and epic swim spots fringing the quaint villages in Croatia. Our sailing trips are available in the best season of the Mediterranean and the Dalmatian Coast, from July to October, ensuring you a perfect blend of ideal weather and unforgettable experiences.

Sail Turkey in the Mediterranean

The Sail Turkey experience is one of a kind, blending the ancient heritages scattered across the Mediterranean with a luxury travel experience. As you sail across this splendid coast brimming with ruins of the ancient world, you will get to witness the modern charms of Turkey’s trendiest towns. Indulge in a day of pure bliss in Fethiye, strolling through vibrant markets and savoring mouthwatering Turkish delights. Revel in the bedazzling tapestry of culture, adventure, and tranquility in Kaş, a coastal paradise renowned for its hidden coves. Each cove and bay in this part of the Mediterranean has its own character, inviting you in for activities in azure waters or a night under the stars. As you drop anchor in each of them, cherish the time with your fellow travellers after a long day under the sun. Our sailing tour in Turkey offers the ultimate summer vacation with a perfect combination of serenity and exhilaration. 

Croatia Sail and Dalmatian Splendor

Croatia Sail tour takes you to some of Croatia’s most renowned destinations, starting with the awe-inspiring Dubrovnik. As you sail along the sparkling Adriatic Sea, you’ll discover the stunning coastal city of Split, where ancient Roman ruins harmoniously coexist with a vibrant modern atmosphere. Makarska, nestled between majestic mountains and azure waters, will captivate you with its picturesque beaches and charming seaside promenade. Throughout the Croatia sailing tour, you’ll have ample opportunities for swimming in secluded coves, soaking in the Mediterranean sun, and indulging in delectable local cuisine. The trip also offers a chance to explore hidden bays, snorkel in crystal-clear waters, and immerse yourself in Croatia’s fascinating history and culture

All sailing tours include accomodation, experienced crew staff and meals with optional extras to help shape your holiday how you like! Simply book your dream sailing adventure in Turkey or Croatia with Travel Talk! Pack your swimsuits and get ready for an unforgettable experience with epic new mates.

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