Best Time To Visit Africa

The best time to visit Africa is from September to December, when the dry and warm weather across the continent offers the ideal conditions for safari trips in the southwest, sightseeing in the Cape region, and adventures in East Africa. 

It is also the best time for game viewing in the wilderness areas stretching from west to east. Southern Africa’s majestic animal migrations take place during these months, creating fascinating views of wildlife for the best photographic experience. 

Your chances of witnessing animal births are high, especially in Southern Africa’s national parks. Trips to Africa from September to December have a lot to offer if you wish to witness the incredible wildlife diversity and the intriguing local life.

Monthly Travel Guide For Africa

Travelling in Africa in January and February

It is the green season in Southern Africa in January and February. The growing vegetation decreases your chances of spotting animals in the national parks. The rainy season is in full force in East Africa, making it an unpopular time for traveling. 

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Great Escarpment, Southern Africa

Travelling in Africa between March and May

Since heavy rainfall is common across the region, March and May are not ideal months for safari trips in East Africa. The thick vegetation and high precipitation make wildlife sightings difficult. The weather in South Africa is mild and dry at this time of year. However, it may not be the best time to visit Africa, as wildlife activity is not at its finest in this season.

best time to visit africa
Kruger National Park

Travelling in Africa between June and August

The weather is comfortable for safari trips in Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Southern Africa. Yet, it is not the best time for Africa tours as wildlife activities are not at their most vibrant until September.

best time to visit africa

Travelling in Africa in September and October

September and October are the best months of the spring season in East and Southern Africa. Temperatures are at comfortable levels, and the dry weather makes it the best time for safari trips in the vast wildlife areas of Namibia and Botswana.

Spotting wildlife is easy in the dry season since animals gather around the waterholes. Also, the dry grass makes wildlife sightings easier in the national parks of East Africa in these months.

The west coast is blooming with wildflowers, and East Africa hosts the Great Migration from June to October. It is the best time to visit Africa for whale spotting in the Cape. Bird flocks also start arriving in East Africa in October, creating fascinating views.

Lesotho and the Cape region are also popular destinations at this time of year, as temperatures are pleasant at 30°C and the weather is comfortably dry. Packing up for cold nights is advisable as temperatures drop below zero in the eastern regions.

best time to visit africa
African Cheetah

Travelling in Africa in November and December

Temperatures rise, and occasional rains are seen across Southern Africa beginning in November. It is a perfect time for trips to Africa to experience the best of wildlife sightings as migrations and animal births continue.

The rains are more frequent in Uganda and Rwanda in November. December offers a brief break from the rainy season, making it an ideal time for gorilla tracking in the region.

The Cape region is wonderful at this time of year. With the holidays approaching, leisure activities in iconic cities like Cape Town and Durban offer a joyful time.

Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls

When to visit Africa

African Safari Tours from September to December

September to December is the best season for Africa tours in the south, where vast wildlife reserves host the richest biodiversity in the world. Zambia, Botswana, and Namibia are the most popular destinations for safari trips in this season. It is the best time to visit Africa to spot elephants, lions, and buffalos as you take a safari trip in the Chobe National Park. The vegetation is thin in the dry months. Also, wild animals cluster around waterways, offering the perfect opportunity for comfortable viewings in their natural habitat. You can also admire the abundant birdlife as you cruise down the Chobe River, as large flocks of birds arrive at the continent from Europe. 

Namibia offers sunny days and a complete African experience in the Etosha National Park. In the safari hotspot, you will have a chance to have memorable encounters with giraffes, zebras, elephants, and lions as they gather around the waterholes in the dry season. 

The temperatures are at perfect levels for exploring the deserts of Namibia and capturing fascinating views as the dunes and canyons are dazzling in dry weather. If you wish to embark on a safari adventure and witness Africa’s wildlife at its best time, our South West Safari trip offers a memorable experience between September and December.  

The Best of South Africa

September, October, and November are the best months to travel across the Cape coastline and visit the spectacular national parks of South Africa. The reefs, rivers, lush forests, and iconic wild animals offer the best safari trip along the coast. You will get to experience the breathtaking landscape and exciting moments as you explore the caves. It is the best time to visit Africa and savor the mountain ranges of Oudtshoorn in beautiful, mild weather. The low humidity at this time of year is ideal for enjoying panoramic coastal views while spotting whales in seaside towns like Hermanus is easy as they come closer to the shore to give birth.

The Kingdom of Lesotho and the famous Cape Agulhas, the meeting point of the Indian and Atlantic oceans, are other popular spots to visit in South Africa at this time of year. The mild spring weather and the blooming countryside create a delightful atmosphere, making leisure activities like wine-tasting in Cape Town and bird-watching in the afternoons even more enjoyable. Our Coast Lesotho and Cape Town offer the ultimate South Africa experience with a stop at the most iconic cities and national parks along the Cape coast.

Trips to East Africa in September-October

September and October are the peak months for the best wildlife sightings in the eastern highlights like Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda. In these months, the grasslands are dry, making walking safaris comfortable. It is the best time to visit Africa to increase your chances of spotting animals.

The Great Migration also takes place in these months, creating magnificent views as large herds move between the waterholes in Kenya and Tanzania. It is the best time of the year for seeing the Big 5 (lion, rhino, elephant, buffalo, and leopard) in the Maasai Mara Reserve in Kenya. You can also enjoy trekking in Uganda’s national parks and look for gorillas in ideal weather conditions. 

As another popular destination in September and October, Zanzibar offers jaw-dropping views of the Indian Ocean and pleasant weather for sightseeing. You can relax on the beach, enjoy activities in the crystal waters, and take walking tours on the colorful streets of Stone Town. The dry season is the best time to visit Zanzibar to learn about the profound history of the island as you explore the cobbled alleys and landmarks in beautiful weather.

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