Ultimate treks to inspire the adventure lovers

2020 brought a year of uncertainty, lockdowns, and canceled plans. It taught us the significance of embracing small joys like fresh air, and a good cup of coffee! And, while we will admit a lot of uncertainty still may linger, we are sure about one thing – our undeniable appreciation for planet earth is stronger than ever before!

Itching to get back out there and explore? We feel you! To help keep you inspired about that next off-the-grid getaway, we have put together our ultimate guide of treks to inspire adventure lovers.

1. Inca Trail, Peru

At the top of any outdoor enthusiast’s list must be the Inca Trail. Located in the Andes mountain ranges of Peru, the 4-day hiking route ascends through the Sacred Valley and Inca ruins towards one of the 7 Wonders of the New World – Machu Picchu! And while crowds of tourists may have visited this site for many decades, far less can boast about trekking the ancient narrow paths in the Peruvian countryside to get there. Each day requires approximately 12 kilometres of challenging treks that require good fitness. But we can promise as you witness the first light of dawn over Machu Picchu on your final morning of trekking – it’ll be totally worth it!

Inca Trail, Peru

1. Himalayan Mountains, Nepal

Home to monstrous Mt Everest, the Himalayan Ranges in Nepal are considered some of the most stunning landscapes in the world! It’s a place where towering white peaks touch the sky, villages are largely disconnected from the outside world and backpackers travel from far and wide to experience a trek unlike any other. Planning a trek through the vast Himalayan Mountains can be overwhelming to say the least. With so many routes and preparations to consider, joining a guided trekking tour is the best way to tackle the region with ease! Our 9-day Essential Nepal Tour takes away all the stresses, with expert guides, porters, and like-minded travellers to keep you company along the way. The tour includes a three-day trek through breath-taking scenery and mountain panoramas of Annapurna, Himchuli, and Gurung. Each day is filled with new destinations and knowledge from your local guide, and each evening is spent relaxing at local lodges along the trail. From sunrise over the snow-capped Himalayas to trekking along lush rivers and rice fields – the Himalayas is an adventure lover’s dream destination!

Himalayan Mountains, Nepal
Captured by Ted Bryan

3. Sapa, Vietnam

Known as one of the most scenic regions in Vietnam, Sapa is made famous for its lush rice terraces that are carved into the mountainside. While the scenery is stunning, the culture and tradition of the several ethnic groups that surround the region are even more impressive. A two-day trek through this region of Northwest Vietnam will have you stumbling across small villages like Ma Tra where you can meet the local Black Hmong people. Greeted by their smiley faces, be sure to have some small change at the ready to trade for handcrafted textiles and bracelets. Feeling inspired to hike the majestic mountainside of Vietnam? Click here.

Sapa, Vietnam
Sapa, Vietnam. Photo by Darren Lawrence

4. Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Approximately 1,000 Mountain Gorillas remain in the wild today. Uganda is home to half of these incredible creatures, making it one of only three countries in the world where you can trek to see Mountain Gorillas in their natural environment. Trekking to the Gorillas requires a full day of walking through thick, ancient rainforests, that can be demanding and hilly at times. Although, the utter privilege of spending time eye-to-eye with a ‘family’ of Gorillas in Africa needs no further justification in our opinion. Once you stumble across a Gorilla family with your National Park Guide, all that is left to do is sit, wait and observe as human-like figures swing from the canopies above, mothers tend to their young and baby gorillas roll around in the long grass. This is the trek that will leave you wondering, ‘Is this the coolest thing I’ll experience in my life?’

Image of Gorilla in the rainforests of Uganada.

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