6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Jordan

Warning: Nothing will prepare you for how remarkable Jordan is! Officially the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, this remarkable country is an Arab kingdom in Western Asia. It is landlocked nation with a population of around 9.5 million. Jordan’s geographical nature alone makes it an intriguing country; it is surrounded by the likes of Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Israel and straddles the Holy land of the world’s three great monotheistic religions.

Travel Talk Tours take you to the heart of the Jordanian culture, history and of course exploration. A Jordan Tour is a pilgrimage of sorts and is a must for any adventurous traveller.

Here are 6 reasons why you should visit Jordan.

Float in The Dead Sea

Float in The Dead Sea

Fancy going to the lowest point on earth? The Dead Sea whose banks are more than 400 metres below sea level is well known for its hyper-saline water making floating incredibly easy. The Dead Sea also offers healing properties as its mineral-rich black mud is used for therapeutic and cosmetic treatments.

Visit Petra

Visit Petra in Jordan

Carved into a rock face over 2,000 years ago, Petra is now one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and is also a UNSECO World Heritage Site. The tombs and monuments of the centuries-old city, imprinted profoundly into the rose cliffs, are like nothing else on this planet.

Experience The Valley Of The Moon

Wadi Rum, also known as The Valley of the Moon

Wadi Rum, also known as The Valley of the Moon is one of the world’s most outstanding desert landscapes. Identifying the unique natural and cultural history of Wadi Rum and the fundamental importance of tourism to the local economy, the government of Jordan declared Wadi Rum a protected area in 1998. Virtually all the people living in and around Wadi Rum are of Bedouin origin.

Camp Under the Stars 

Camp Fire Under the Stars 

Keen on chilling out by the desert fire, enjoying an authentic Jordanian dinner and sharing experiences with your mates under a starry sky? Jordan ticks all of those boxes. In this instance you get a feel for Bedouin life in Wadi Rum. A tented campsite enables you to spend the day and night wandering this protected wilderness, which beings have occupied since ancient times.

Be Adventurous; Go on a jeep safari

Be Adventurous; Go on a jeep safari in Wadi Rum

Marvel at Wadi Rum’s towering cliffs and striking ochre dunes a jeep safari tour. For your adventurous types, this will be right up your alley. This is a fun and exhilarating way to experience Wadi Rum to the fullest. All around are boundless sand-dunes, impressive canyons and remarkable mountains.

Stroll in The Footsteps of Famous Actors

6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Jordan

Perhaps you don’t not realise it, but you may have seen a few highlights of Jordan at the movies or on TV. In the recent sci-fi movie, The Martian, Wadi Rum’s dunes stood in for the sterile scenery of the red planet. And in the 1989 classic Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Harrison Ford found the Holy Grail inside Al Khazneh, Petra’s most iconic monument. Pretty cool, huh?

So, you’re interested in Jordan? Travel Talk offers a 7-day Essential Jordan tour which runs on a monthly basis. Alternatively, there’s combination tours for Egypt and Jordan. You can find out about all of these tours here.

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