Christmas break is the best, most would agree. A cozy, snowy – in my head- time of the year that we all get the time to catch a breath. A good way to rest is to travel to places you have never been, but always craved to.

Over the last years I have joined the Adventure Morocco and Highlights of
Russia tours by Travel Talk on Christmas holidays, and they have been nothing but fantastic. The great Christmas dinner was a small plus compared to all the places we discovered, the fun we had, and the people I met; but it was nonetheless unforgettable.

Original Destinations for Christmas time!

I have spent most of my holidays at this time of the year away, in several different countries, and continents. All of them had their own way of celebrating and magical atmosphere. Whether you want to have a swim on a warm New Year’s day, or to have your hot choclate on a Russia trip. Travel Talk has several options with a broad range of attractive alternatives, three of which I especially recommend:

Russia, Highlights of Russia

You would never pack a swimsuit for your Russia tour, but the thick coats. However, it is highly unlikely you will get just as much snow as in Russia, especially in London. If your dream is the crystal snow under bright lights, Russia tours are the best choice. Snow nearly guaranteed with tons of fun with new friends.

Morocco, Adventure Morocco

The promised variyet is delivered with a Morocco tour on Christmas day! All Morocco tours continue to run, and have the Christmas dinner included on the tour. The dinner usually continues with a party of course. If you are missing the warmth of the summer and want to catch a warm break, a Morocco trip will suit you perfectly. Wouldn’t you want to walk on the Sahara desert on the first days of the new year?

Ski France, Ski Val Thorens

Whether you are a keen skier/snowboarder or not, Val Thorens has a lot to offer, especially in Christmas time. The piste network is the longest in Europe with a total of 600km. The village is all lit up, and the cinnamony smell sinks in to every cafe. Sport-lovers usually can’t get enough time off for an extra ski holiday, so why not combine it with Ski France?

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