What to expect from Wadi Rum, Jordan

Wadi Rum, also known as the Valley of the Moon, is Southern Jordan’s amber gem. An alien beauty that is reminiscent of Mars (in fact it was deemed ideal for hit film ‘The Martian’) dominates the landscape and attract thousands of tourists every year.

At the mention of Wadi Rum, most people aren’t sure what to expect. A desert landscape seems self-explanatory and miles of sand may sound repetitive; but anyone that visits Wadi Rum will boast it as an all-encompassing experience. The truth is, an evening with desert culture will lead you anywhere. A beautiful location to camp, climb and get to know the locals whilst lending many surprises. Wadi Rum should be just as high as Petra on your Jordan bucket list.

History of Wadi Rum

In total, Wadi Rum stretches across 720sqkm of desert and is only 100km south of Petra. Despite its desert status, human civilisation has be drawn to Wadi Rum for eons. Humans have occupied the area since before prehistoric times and the evidence is locked in the rock formations. The Thamudic tribe that once occupied the area even has inscriptions that can be found on the rock formations.

British officer TE Lawrence participated in the Arabic Revolt which partially took place in Wadi Rum; his time there he recorded in The Seven Pillars of Wisdom. It’s not confirmed whether the seven pillars are located in Wadi Rum, but you can certainly follow the footsteps of Lawrence based on the autobiography.

As mentioned, Wadi Rum is an awe inspiring setting fit for the cosmos. Nothing proves this more than the plethora of movies that have filmed here, including Star Wars, Lawrence of Arabia and Dune to name a few.

What is there to see?

Wadi Rum is riddled with sculpted coral arches and canyons that seem intentionally created. Visitors are encouraged to safely climb the ebbs and flows of the canyons to achieve truly spectacular views of the valley. If you look carefully, magnificent petroglyphs that depict people and antelopes can be spotted on the surface of the canyons.

What is there to do?

During the night time, Wadi Rum offers Jordan on a cosmic level with boundless stars above you. As the sun sets, the Milky Way Galaxy makes itself known to Wadi Rums residents.

During the day, a camel journey across the desert plains will transport you into a Arabian nights fantasy. Your camel will be your transport surrounded by nature and the transforming desert.

Alternatively, a Jeep safari is a great way to storm the desert in style. You can receive incredible views whilst your vehicles take you to the best sites in the area.

Does anyone live in Wadi Rum?

The Zalabieh tribe reside in Wadi Rum and have long been it’s advocate. These locals embrace tourists with open arms and are ready to share the spirit of Jordan with any and all visitors. Long travel across the desert promises a built up appetite. They provide traditional Jordan meals to passing tourists and even have curated tours.


Is Wadi Rum worth visiting?

Absolutely. Travel Talk Tours allows you to experience the lively side of the desert. It also welcomes tourists all year round, so you can visit at a time convenient for you. Find out more about Travel Talk Tours’ Jordan tours here.

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