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19 Jul

Landmarks of Greece

Meet the welcoming locals, relish in the stunning scenery and take a glimpse into the country’s intriguing history and culture on the 4-day Travel Talk Landmarks of Greece tour.  Marvel at Thessaloniki’s old town, discover hidden secrets in Kalambaka and experience Delphi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Croatia | Hvar
19 Jul

Croatia to Balkans & Greece

This amazing 15-day Balkans tour takes you to all the highlights Balkans have to offer, with plenty of time to bathe under the sun and cool off in the Adriatic. Sailing it off, embark on a week-long journey through the famous Croatian islands, decorated with long parties and delicious meals. Ride all the way from Montenegro, through Albania and Macedonia, to Greece, and learn about many cultures that have existed in the Balkans at different times in its ancient history, and witness their beautiful interaction, while being amazed by its unspoken natural beauty.

19 Jul

Balkan Greece Extention

This 5-day Balkan Greece Extension tour offers a delightful mixture of adventure, culture and history. Experience Greece off the beaten track and venture to untouched places, picturesque landscapes, famed landmarks and quaint towns, all mixed in with ancient Greek mythology and delicious food.

13 Jul

Fantastic Balkans+Greece

Hop on this fascinating Balkans tour to discover many of the most famous and inspiring destinations in Europe over 16 unforgettable days. Explore the huge diversity tightly packed in this impressive region that raised some of the greatest people, whom shaped the future of Europe and the world. Roam the breath-taking walled city Dubrovnik and dip in the crystal waters of the Adriatic; explore the famous, charming Balkan towns, or get lost in the maze of narrow streets of Mykonos and relax on black sand beaches of Santorini.

13 Jul

Amazing Balkans & Greece

Travel Talk takes to you to many of the most famed and desired destinations in Europe on this 18-Day Amazing Balkans & Greece tour. Visit famous heritage sites and beautiful forts, explore the diverse villages and towns, relax on the array of beaches and enjoy the crazy nightlife, taste the delightful food and beverages and make this experience unforgettable.

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