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08 Jul

Egypt & Jordan & Israel Explored

Discover some of the most impressive treasures of the world in the Middle East on the 18-day Egypt, Jordan & Israel Explored.
Travel from the bustling Cairo markets to stunning Pyramids of Giza, and sail down the Nile like a Nubian. Fly off to Amman and uncover the beauty of Jordan via Wadi Rum, breath-taking Petra and the magical Dead Sea. Then cross to Israel to roam the metropolitan Tel-Aviv and the holy city of Jerusalem following the footsteps of pilgrims.

25 Jun

Egypt & Jordan & Israel Discovered

Embark on the ultimate adventure in the Middle East on the 18-day Egypt, Jordan & Israel Discovered!
Meet some of the greatest cultures that have shaped history and created breath-taking monuments to stand the test of time. Pose with the Pyramids and the Sphinx before sailing down the Nile on a felucca. Roam the countless Egyptian wonders and have a refresher at the Red Sea paradise of Dahab. Cross to Jordan for the otherworldly desert of Wadi Rum and the world-famous Petra. Uncover the gems of Amman and drive to the coast through Israel’s Tel-Aviv. Delve into history through biblical times at the holy city of Jerusalem.

19 Jun

Essential Jordan & Israel

Starting off at the vibrant Amman, walk the impressive ruins of Ajloun and Jerash before venturing into the desert. Magical landscape of Wadi Rum is only the gateway to more to come. Explore the incredible Red Rose City of Petra, the crown jewel of all highlights! While drying off after float in the Dead Sea, drive to the cosmopolitan Tel-Aviv for golden beaches and fancy cocktails. Embrace the holy city of Jerusalem for an experience of a lifetime and listen to the diverse prayers of various religions.

Attention:  From the 30th October to the 1st of May  winter itinerary will be applied.

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