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13 Sep

Exotic Egypt & Morocco

Exotic Egypt and Morocco tour provides an unforgettable experience across two magical countries. Pose with the Pyramids and the magnificent Philae Temple, before walking at the Valley of the Kings. Drive along the Nile with wonders at your backdrop, while tasting the Egyptian lifestyle. Dig deep into ancient history in order to uncover the mysteries of Egyptian wonders. Fly off to the otherworldly Morocco, before camping under the Saharan stars. Hop on a jeep safari through sand dunes, after camel trekking to your next camp. Dip in the ocean and discover Essaouira and Casablanca. Roam the blue-washed streets of Chefchaouen and the bustling markets of Marrakech.


13 Sep

Adventure Egypt & Morocco

The perfect Egypt and Morocco tour decorated with ancient wonders, natural treasures and adventure. Stand in awe of the magnificent Philae Temple and experience the Egyptian lifestyle. Pose with the Pyramids and dig deep into the amazing history. Then barter your way through many bazaars and visit ancient temples. Discover the best of Egypt and Morocco has to offer while travelling in comfort and style. From fascinating Kasbahs, to authentic towns and the Sahara desert experience… The delicate mix of these unique experiences will amaze you.


08 Sep

Essential Egypt & Morocco

A fantastic Egypt and Morocco tour providing the ancient wonders and essential sights.  Stand in awe of the magnificent Philae Temple and experience the life of an Egyptian. Discover the wonders of Egypt, dig deep into the amazing history, barter your way through many Bazaars and visit its centuries old temples and  discover the best of Morocco in comfort. Fascinating Kasbahs, authentic towns, an amazing mix of different cultures await you in this magical country. Get ready to be soaked in this unique atmosphere and enjoy the ride.


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