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17 Jul

All About Balkans

Join on a discovery of all the iconic cities and highlights of the Balkans – Sofia, Skopje, Belgrade, Sarajevo, Tirana – from ever-popular and lively Croatian coast to the calming serenity and charm of Albania and Montenegro. A cultural adventure with a stunning natural beauty as a backdrop, encompassing the top highlights the Balkans have to offer, including mystical floating monasteries of Meteora; a bird’s nest of a wonder – home of the infamous Oracle of Delphi, and even the Acropolis overlooking a famous capital of the ancient world, Athens. This Balkans tour touches on many cultures that have existed in the Balkans at different times in its ancient history, and portrays their beautiful interaction to all keen travellers.

17 Jul

Best of Balkans

Embark on this unforgettable tour of the best of the Balkans. Kicking it off at the Bulgarian capital, make your way through Belgrade and Bosnia & Herzegovina, and besiege the walls of Dubrovnik before cliff-jumping into the sapphire waters of the Adriatic. Dry off on the way to spectacular Montenegro, passing by its soul-stirring mountain backdrop and the spectacular coastline to be welcomed by its warm and lively people. Visit the home of Alexander the Great, Macedonia, and uncover its unspoken natural beauty and impressive history in this Balkans tour.

17 Jul

Balkan Discovery

Join us on this fascinating Balkan discovery to witness the living history; share a cup of tea with the lively and passionate people; fall in awe against the magnificent mountain range and crystal mirror-like lakes; and soak in the massive history that shaped the future of Europe. This Balkans tour takes you through all the highlights from palaces of the Tsars in Sofia and charming Belgrade to the pearl of Adriatic, Dubrovnik, the pretty Montenegrin villages and Albanian towns, via the heart of stunning Macedonia and home of Alexander…

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