Why you should travel with your best friend!

As they say, ‘friends that travel together, stay together.’ And rightly so! You’ll make the most incredible memories together, and you will have somebody there with you for the entire ride! Although travelling with a friend can test your relationship to the max, there is no doubt that it will bring you even closer than before!

See our top reasons why you should travel with your best mate!

You know each other to a T

Like bread & butter, salt & pepper or even Spongebob & Patrick, your bestie knows everything about you and you complement each other perfectly! They’ll eat the tomato you don’t like from your sandwich, or shoo off any insects that might be crawling around. What are friends for, after all!

Are we there yet?

Riding on a bus for 14+ hours can be boring and extremely long! So having your bestie there to keep you company and laughing throughout the journey will make the time fly by. Plus you’ll already have a kick-ass road trip playlist ready to go!

Sharing is caring

Why have 1 bag, when you can have 2! When travelling with your best friend all items in both of your bags are up for grabs including clothes, hair straighteners, adaptors and even shampoo and conditioner. You’ll never have to wear the same outfit twice and you can save room in your luggage to bring back few souvenirs.

Strike a pose

You don’t have to awkwardly ask a stranger to take a photo of you. What’s even better is they will probably already know your perfect pose, and take a million shots to make sure you get the perfect insta pic!

Travel can be challenging

Travelling can be challenging, from getting a bad case of food poisoning or even having one to many cocktails, your friend will look after you and make sure you’re okay. And it will never feel as bad because you’ll go through all of it together!

They understand

They know not to talk to you before your morning coffee or they will know when you’re ‘hangry’ and hand you a snack. They’ll even understand when you need some low-time and space to be by yourself. They understand you better than anyone else and you’ll never have to make up excuses to why you’re feeling a certain way.

Why you should travel with your best friend!

Why you should travel with your best friend!

Make memories

Remember that one time in (insert city)… You can relive the memories together until you’re old and grey!

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