Travel Talk’s Top 3 Things To Do In Egypt

The very mention of Egypt tends to conjure up a variety of intoxicating images; exotic palms, ancient temples and hazy, sun-filled alleyways, brimming with market stalls and secretive street cafes. The reality of the country is no less exciting, and visitors are always delighted at the sheer atmosphere of the country, with its arid desert terrain and incredible historical sights.

If you are looking to travel in Egypt and want some inspiration, then look no further. Here are our top three things to do in Egypt, to guarantee that you get the most from the country and experience a truly unforgettable trip. 

1. Sail Down The River Nile In Style On A Felucca Trip

The Nile forms the very spine of the country, providing vital water to many farms that line its wide, open banks. Travelling down the River Nile provides travellers with an entirely different view of the country, far removed from the dusty desert and the busy towns and cities.

If you want to take a trip down the River Nile, then avoid the motorised boats and instead, climb aboard a felucca. This ancient form of Egyptian transport provides the perfect, leisurely way to sail down the river, whilst the breeze naturally glides the vessel along.

2. Lose Yourself In Cairo 

When you travel in Egypt, don’t miss the opportunity to explore its most famous and iconic city. The capital of Cairo didn’t come by its reputation by accident, and whilst in the city, you can enjoy vibrant, sand-covered streets, bazaars overflowing with wonderful local produce and antiques and huge mosques dominating the skyline.

It’s also in Cairo that you can explore one of the most famous museums in the world, the Egyptian Museum. Home to Tutankhamen’s mask, in addition to a vast array of other ancient Egyptian antiquities, it is a fascinating way to spend the afternoon.

3. Climb Mount Sinai 

Mount Sinai is, of course, famous for being the location where Moses (according to the Bible) received the 10 Commandments from God. Whether Christian or not, the intense, thought-provoking ambiance of the mountain is impossible to ignore.

When looking at tours for Egypt, look for a tour that can take you to the very summit of Mount Sinai, where you can enjoy remarkable views of the country below. 

Have these three key locations and activities inspired you to travel to Egypt this summer and see these incredible sights for yourself? Well we would hope so!

If you’re considering travelling to Egypt and want to find out more about what this beautiful land has to offer you then then visit our website for some inspirational ideas on Egypt tours.

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