Travel Talk’s 10 Week Countdown Until Christmas: Will You Be In Egypt?


Christmas has always traditionally been a time for family gatherings and endless partying. However, the cold weather and the end-of-year stresses can prove to be rather too much of strain at times, and as a result, it’s the ideal time of year to book a festive break and escape the monotony of the Christmas routine.

Egypt is a popular choice for those choosing to get away from it all in December, and the reasons why are fairly evident. There are so many things to do in Egypt, and booking a tour rather than a standard package holiday provides a great way of experiencing all the wonders in one amazing holiday; while your friends back home are busy panicking about that last-minute Christmas shopping!

5 Reasons To Swap Home For Egypt Over Christmas

1. Tour Egypt’s Many Ancient Sites, Including The Great Pyramid Of Giza

Egypt is a land with an astonishingly long and fascinating history. Over the course of thousands of years, the ancient Pharaohs built awe-inspiring monuments which still stand to this day, including the Great Pyramid of Giza. Thought to have been constructed around 2560 BC, this is the only building to remain of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and is an unforgettable sight, looming imposingly over the surrounding desert landscape.

2. Enjoy The Pleasant Climate

With so many things to do in Egypt, it is important to have good weather, but during the summer the sun can get intensely hot. Visiting a world heritage site like the Valley of the Kings in Luxor is a far more pleasant experience in the winter, as the temperature is pleasantly warm, a dramatic contrast to the scorching temperatures of the summer months.

3. Shop The Vibrant Kahn El Khalili Bazaar

If you are missing the Christmas shopping frenzy back home then you can more than make up for it at Cairo’s Kahn El Khalili bazaar. This famous souk thrums with all sorts of intriguing sounds and smells, as hawkers peddle everything from souvenirs and jewellery to street food and shisha.

4. Cruise The Nile

Why bother watching the Agatha Christie repeats on TV again this Christmas when an Egypt tour can include that ultimate exotic experience – a cruise on the Nile? One of the most beautiful and most mythologised rivers in the world, the Nile offers a mesmerising journey into the true heart of Egypt.

5. Relax & Unwind By The Sea

A key mistake when making plans for Christmas is forgetting to leave time to relax. But a festive tour of Egypt will afford plenty of opportunity to unwind, particularly with a visit to one of the country’s many blissful Red Sea resorts where you can fish, snorkel, or simply soak up the sun.

Fancy A Festive Egypt Tour? Speak To Travel Talk Tours

To experience all the best that Egypt has to offer this Christmas, and much more, speak to Travel Talk Tours today. We’ve got a range of remarkable Egypt tours to suit every taste!

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