Travel Talk Destinations Show

So, you may have heard about this Destinations Show? What is it, you ask? It is the only FREE travel, culture and entertainment show in London and is the first of its kind. It will be held on Saturday 18th February from 10am – 6pm at the Ibis Hotel Earls Court and will comprise of a jam-packed schedule. For more information on this event and to RSVP go here.

What to expect on the day, well, there will be plenty going on. This travel show will be the first event where we’re offering up to 70% off tours to unreal destinations, securing your tour with a £10 deposit. Have questions for us? You can head to any of the destination stands to get the inside scoop about the tours and countries, get expert travel advice and book the epic travel deals.

To get a real feel for a country and its culture, destination seminars will be held. These will be taken by our expert, local guides who are coming to London especially, to give you information about their countries such as the people, ethos, highlights, must-see’s, do’s and don’ts. Countries that will have seminars will be Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Greece and Croatia. To get first dibs and to see the times of these seminars and to also join the draw to win a FREE tour register

Entertainment on the day, there’s going to be plenty! Bogan Bingo will be present doing their thing and will be doing a travel quiz a long with giving away 3 tours for 2. But what’s more? There will also be 47 more free tours for 2 to giveaway. There will be live music and traditional dance shows throughout the day which will include a Moroccan dance, flamenco duo, a Russian Cossack show and Turkish belly-dancing as well as a hieroglyphics artist. Ample amounts of killer entertainment!

Among your favourites, our valued partners will also be at the Travel Talk Destinations Show on the day. You can expect to see Kiwis in London, 1st Contact, Bogan Bingo, ANZUK Teachers, Protocol Education, Kiwi Movers and Stoke Travel. They will be there with special offers, deals and prizes, exclusively for you.

Intrigued about the what’s, when’s and where’s on the day? Check out the programme:

10:00 Doors Open!
11:00 Egypt Seminar: Walking the path of the Pharaohs by Sameh
11:30 Live: Raqs Sharqi Moroccan Dance
12:00 Morocco Seminar: The Sahara and Imperial Towns by Abdoul
12:30 Travel Quiz by Bogan Bingo
13:00 Live: The Pablo Cortez Flamenco Duo
13:30 Turkey Seminar: Where East meets the West by Mustafa
14:00 Live: Russian Cossack Show
14:30 Greece Seminar: Following Poseidon by Alex
15:00 Live: Turkish Belly-dancing
15:30 Croatia Seminar: Crystal Blue Adriatic by Amy
16:00 Photo of the Year Announcement
16:30 Bonus Seminar: Open Q & A
18:00 End of the Show

Open until midnight

+44 20 809 995 96

Monday - Friday: 09:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sunday: Closed
W. Europe