Combine Your Transylvania Tour with Balkans

Explore a fascinating region filled with diverse cultures, a vast history and plenty of myth on Transylvania & Balkans combo tours. Launch your adventure in Romania, Bucharest and make way deep into Transylvania, visiting sights as the legendary Dracula Castle and many more. Smoothly continue your journey through Bulgaria to discover more of the Balkans including Serbia, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia & Greece.

To ensure a comfortable and safe journey throughout your trip, we use modern private coaches on all Balkans tours while covering its many incredible sights by land. We also provide private airport transfers on the arrival day of each Transylvania & Balkans trip.

Transylvania and Balkans Combined Tours

Amazing Balkans and Transylvania

16 Days


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Splendours of Balkans and Transylvania

17 Days

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Ultimate Balkans and Transylvania

19 Days

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