Magical Egypt & Jordan

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Discover the amazing wonders of ancient Egypt while riding a classy 5-star Nile Cruiser along the coast. This ancient culture is astonishing to any traveler with its incredible structures and methods. As you wind up Egypt, breath-taking sites of Jordan, Wadi Rum, Petra and more will be awaiting. Before you make your way back to Cairo, a final stop at the Dead Sea, Dahab.

17 Day
Starts in / Ends in
Cairo / Amman
Departs on
Hotel Rating
5-4 Star

Sight Visited

  • Ajloun

    Home of Ajlun Castle built in 1184 shows great examples of Islamic architecture. Ajlun Archaeological Museum has all sorts of artefacts from the region.

  • Amman

    The modern and ancient capital of Jordan is one of the oldest inhabited cities. The city's modern buildings blend amazingly with the remnants of ancient civilizations.

  • Aswan

    Sunniest city of Egypt and a popular touristic stop for many cruises. The local market here is an excellent place to do some shopping and the best place to find Egyptian fresh spices.

  • Cairo

    With the Great Pyramids of Giza, ancient temples, magnificent monuments, and the Egyptian Antiquities Museum, Cairo offers an experience of a lifetime.

  • Dahab

    “Gold” in Arabic, the city’s name was inspired from the golden sands by the Red Sea coast. Dahab offers Oceanside dinners and crystal-clear waters for diving and snorkeling.

  • Dead Sea
    Dead Sea

    With a 30 minute drive from Amman you reach this unique spot in Jordan. Dead Sea brings a sense of unreality to any traveler passing through.

  • Edfu

    Edfu has the most complete and best-preserved temple in Egypt, the Ptolemaic Temple of Horus, which was constructed between 237 BC and 57 BC

  • Fayaum

  • Giza

    The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and the only one still remaining to this day. An absolute must see.

  • Jerash

    Less than an hour drive from Amman takes you 2000 years back in time. Jerash hosts the best preserved sites of Roman architecture in the world outside of Italy.

  • Komombo

    Kom Ombo means ‘hill of the gold’ crowned with Temple of Komombo. The temple is unusual as one side is dedicated to the god Haroesis and the other side to Sobek.

  • Luxor

    A top travel destination in Egypt with a wealth of historic monuments and buildings bringing Egypt’s fabled past to life. Luxor is called the world’s greatest open air museum.

  • Petra

    Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is described as ‘one of the most precious cultural properties of mankind's cultural heritage'. Simply amazing.

  • Philae Temple
    Philae Temple

    This beautiful temple complex is one of the most picturesque in all of Egypt. It sits on Aglika Island just south of the old Aswan Dam.

  • Sakkara

    The oldest complete stone building complex in history was built as Djoser's step pyramid and it is located in Sakkara.

  • Shobak Castle
    Shobak Castle

  • Unfinished Obelisk
    Unfinished Obelisk

    The 42m long obelisk was left unfinished when some cracks appeared, but had this obelisk been completed, it would have been the heaviest, weighing nearly 1100 tons!

  • Wadi Rum
    Wadi Rum

    Absolutely stunning in its natural beauty, Wadi Rum summarizes the romance of the desert. You may meet some friendly Bedouins living close by at the desert.


Day 1: Cairo
Welcome to Egypt! At the Cairo terminal keep your eyes open for the Travel Talk sign, we pick you up from the airport and take you to your hotel. Gather round in the hotel lobby at 6:00pm as we meet both the other tour members and the guide for an informal meeting. After the meeting you have free time to start exploring Cairo.
  • Included Activities; Welcome Meeting
  • Optional Activities ; Group Dinner on Cruise
  • Meals ; No
Day 2: Cairo, Fayoum Oasis
Prepare for an adventure in the magical lands of Faiyum. As if from a science fiction novel, you will feel like walking on Mars in a breath-taking setting in the desert! One of the oldest Egyptian cities, Fayoum was the heart of the cult of crocodile god Sobek/ Hence the reason ancient Greeks called it “Crocodile City”. Modern city of Fayoum is also known for its large bazaars, moques and the two bridges over the river.
  • Included Activities: Sightseeing Fayoum Oasis
  • Meals: Breakfast
Day 3: Fayoum Oasis, Cairo
As you get your dose of amazement and other-worldly adventure, head back to Cairo. Spend your time wisely and remember to haggle! It's a must in Egypt. Then roam the vibrant markets and souks, and try out some local tastes.
  • Meals: Breakfast
Day 4: Cairo City Tour, Luxor
Prepare your lenses for the breath-taking, world-famous Pyramids and the Sphinx. Face all their 4,600-year glory and embrace the only remaining Ancient Wonder of the World. After everyone had their dose of awe, we head out to Sakkara for sightseeing. The first capital of ancient Egypt is famous for the step pyramid built in 2700 B.C. Later in the afternoon, board the bus to Luxor and check into our premium hotel by the Nile.
  • Included Activities: Sightseeing Pyramids & Sakkara
  • Meals: Breakfast
Day 5: Luxor, Aswan
After breakfast, depart for the vast Karnak Temple Complex, one of the most important religious centres of ancient Egypt with its marvellous temples. Your Egyptologist guide will enlighten you with the most intriguing stories and mythologies fuelling such creations for millennia. In the afternoon drive to Aswan for overnight stay.  
  • Included Activities; Sightseeing Temple of Karnak
  • Optional Activities; Nubian Dinner
  • Meals ; Breakfast
Day 6: Aswan, Felucca Cruise
Time to explore Aswan, famed for its skilled artisans and the Unfinished Obelisk. Take a short motorboat ride to reach the Philae Temple, dedicated to the goddess Isis, divine mother of the pharaohs. The temple is set beautifully on an island in the middle of the Nile. Early in the morning you can join the optional trip to the gorgeous Abu Simbel, an iconic UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a must-do for all keen on history and mythology. Later in the afternoon, embark your felucca to cruise on the Nile.
  • Included Activities; Sightseeing Aswan & Philea Temple
  • Optional Activities ; Abu Simbel
  • Meals ; Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Day 7: Felucca Cruise
Today is a chill-day sailing down the Nile, watching beautiful scenery and waving to the locals swimming and fishing. Whilst absorbing the stunning temples along the coast, sit back and enjoy the relaxing breeze. Have a dip in the Nile, play beach-ball with locals and prepare for a locally-prepared feast.
  • Included Activities; Sailing on the Felucca
  • Meals ; Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Day 8: Felucca cruise on the Nile, Edfu, Komombo, Luxor
Time to bid farewell to our lovely felucca and visit Komombo Temple which was built during the Ptolemaic and Roman periods. The temple is dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek and god Horus. Our next stop is Edfu, the largest and best preserved temple in Egypt. The temple is dedicated to the falcon god Horus and was built over a 180-year period from 237 BC to 57 BC.Then after we drive to Luxor check into hotel, after a refreshing break we gather in the lobby and depart from the hotel to visit the temple of Luxor on the East Bank of the Nile which was dedicated to the great god Amun, his wife Mut and their son Khonsu (the moon god), representing the Theban triad. The temple was built on the site of a probably smaller structure for the god Amun, while the earliest parts of the temple seen today date from the 14th century BC and the time of Amenhotep III.  
  • Included Activities; Sightseeing Edfu & Komombo, Luxor Temple,
  • Optional Activities; No
  • Meals ; Breakfast
Day 9: Luxor, Cairo
After breakfast we depart for the West Bank of the Nile where our donkey awaits to take us into the Valley of the Kings. Next is our discovery of the magnificent “city of the Dead” where tombs were carved into the desert rocks, decorated richly, and filled with treasures for the Pharaoh afterlife. Rising out of the desert plain in a series of terraces, the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut is our next stop. Then we drive to Cairo for overnight stay.  
  • Included Activities; Sightseeing Valley of the Kings, Temple of Queen Hatshepsut
  • Optional Activities; Hot Air Balloning
  • Meals ; Breakfast
Day 10: Cairo City Tour
Our journey continues with a visit to one of the most important museums in the ancient world, the Egyptian Museum, that houses more than 100,000 relics of Egypt. Today we discover the Citadel of Saladin, Mosque of Mohamed Ali, the Hanging Church and the world famous Kahn El Khalili bazaar.
  • Included Activities; Sightseeing Cairo & Citadel of Saladin & Mosque of Mohammed Ali, Hanging Church & Khan El Khalili Bazaar
  • Optional Activities ; No
  • Meals ; Breakfast
Day 11: Cairo to Dahab via Sudr & Sharm El Sheikh Road
Relax and unwind next to the sea with all the activities available including swimming, snorkeling, diving, camel treks, jeep safaris and more!!
  • Optional Activities ; Snorkelling, Camel Treks
  • Meals ; Breakfast
Day 12: Dahab
Another relax day in paradise!
  • Optional Activities ; Squba Diving, Quad Biking
  • Meals ; Breakfast
Day 13: Dahab, Taba, Aqaba, Wadi Rum
We depart for Nuweiba or Taba to crossing to Aqaba, Jordan’s window to the sea. After checking into our desert camp in Wadi Rum, this evening we also enjoy an authentic Jordanian dinner in Wadi Rum. After chilling out by the desert fire and sharing experiences with our travel mates under a starry sky, we spend the night in our desert camp. Attention: Ferries from Nuweiba to Aqaba only depart when they are full, which may result in 3 – 4 hour delays on the departure time and itinerary change in Jordan. For the passengers not wishing to wait for the ferry, we also do offer the option to cross the Arava Israeli Border from Taba and use the motorway to Aqaba Border. (Israel issues a separate pass at the border and doesn’t stamp your passport)  
  • Included Activities; Sightseeing Wadi Rum.
  • Optional Activities ; No
  • Meals ; Breakfast, Dinner
Day 14: Wadi Rum, Petra
After breakfast we join a 2 hour Jeep safari in the desert, and after that we depart for a full day tour in the Red Rose City Petra.  Our local guide will provide us with a brief history of the city, which is one of the greatest attractions in the Middle East. We also visit the Pharaoh's Castle, the Triumphal arch and the Amphitheater. We remain in Petra overnight.
  • Included Activities; Jeep Safari, Sightseeing Petra
  • Optional Activities ; No
  • Meals ; Breakfast
Day 15: Petra, Dead Sea, Amman
Our Red Rose city of Petra tour continues before we drive to the lowest point on earth, Dead Sea for the spectacular floating on the salty water, later, we continue to Amman where we stay overnight.
  • Included Activities; Sightseeing Dead Sea
  • Optional Activities ; No
  • Meals ; Breakfast
Day 16: Amman City Tour
After breakfast we have Amman city tour.We will visit the most important sights of this beautiful city. Overnight stay in Amman.
  • Included Activities; Sightseeing Amman
  • Optional Activities ; No
  • Meals ; Breakfast
Day 17: Amman
Our tour finishes after breakfast, we say goodbye to our new friends.
  • Meals ; Breakfast
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The tour price and the local payment cover the following services:


5 and 4 star hotels in Egypt, 4 & 3 star hotels and desert camp in Jordan

Airport Transfer

From Cairo Airport to the Cairo Hotel on day one


14 breakfasts | 2 lunches | 3 dinners


Air-conditioned non-smoking coach or mini-bus | Donkey (Valley of the Kings) | 4x4 jeep (Wadi Rum) Felucca or 5 star Nile Cruise boat (depending on the itinerary) | Ferry between Egypt-Jordan


Services of experienced Egyptologist guides

What is not included in the tour price and local payment?

  • Any flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Meals not stated in the itinerary
  • Items of a personal nature
  • Tips & gestures
  • Visa fees
  • Entrance fees to the sights and museums
  • Optional activities
  • Other services not stated in the itinerary


The hotel is located very close to Pyramids of Giza, The Egyptian Museum and Great Sphinx. Hotel offers a sundeck, swimming pool, tennis court, gym and fitness center.


This 5 star hotel, located in the heart of Luxor by the Nile River, provides an outdoor pool, fitness centre and sauna. All rooms feature air-conditioning and satellite TV.


This 5 star hotel overlooking the river, offers a pool, nightclub and spa centre. Air-conditioned rooms are equipped with a minibar and a satellite TV.


This beautiful hotel located by the Red Sea features an outdoor pool and a panoramic view of the Sinai Mountain. All of the rooms are air-conditioned and have balcony with a spectacular view.


Staying in Wadi Rum is an experience not do be missed. This camp is large, yet has a wonderful atmosphere, nice rooms with attached bathroom and wonderful staff


This hotel is very centrally located , it’s only 50 meters away from Petra entrance. This hotel has also an outdoor swimming pool to offer



This hotel is only 30 min driver from the airport, perfectly designed for a comfortable stay experience with it’s sound-proof rooms. 3 km away from the Amman Castle.

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