Top 5 Things to Do in Dubrovnik

With the summer sun burning up, I think we are all looking out the window, picturing the upcoming summer holiday. Among the most popular of destinations, Travel Talk’s Croatia sailing tours come at the top places.

Discovering Dubrovnik

During my 8 day sail Croatia tour, Sail Split to Dubrovnik (which you can get from great rates) I had a fantastic time, visiting a different island each day, relaxing on the sun deck with a beer in hand, jumping off the boat into the sea to cool off… All Croatia tours of TT make a stop at Dubrovnik, as you wouldn’t want to miss that! But here are a few things to enjoy once you are there:

Walk the City Walls

Be sure to leave enough time in your itinerary for a few hours walk down the mighty old walls which surround Dubrovnik Old City. This two kilometers long wonder gives you a chance to experience a bird’s eye view of UNESCO protected squares and streets, and enjoy stunning vistas of the Adriatic Sea. You will want to take a million photos. Also a Game of Thrones walking tour is available for its fans. Your Croatia trip is not complete without the walls of Dubrovnik.

Drinks at Buza Bar


Buza is a located on the cliff side on the south side of Old Town that can only be found by the old wooden sign with an arrow that says “Cold Drinks With The Most Beautiful View“.Keep an eye out for this little sign, because it can easily be missed.
You will arrive at a hole in the castle walls that leads out to the sea, so mysterious! Most people pass right by this place without ever knowing it existed. That’s what makes it special though.

Cable-car Ride to Srd Hill


The hill towering over Dubrovnik can be reached by a cable-car since 2010. This gives you a chance to enjoy panoramic views of the city without having to sweat your way up. Moreover, once there you can enrich the experience with a delicious treat from the restaurant at 400 meters above sea level.



Located in the old town, the area is very lively with locals and tourists walking by, touring to catch a free table. Especially at night time, you will see Stradun in a different light. A good place to mingle with the buzzing old town nights until early hours.

Visit Lokrum


Lokrum is a small, uninhabited, yet spectacular island which lies about 0.4 miles off of Dubrovnik’s spectacular coastline. Just a 10 minute ferry ride away from the port of Old town, this island can provide a few hours of fun in the sun and some nice hikes along its many sea side cliffs. You can spend a couple of hours taking pretty photos along the cliffs, but Lokrum is also home to an old monastery, botanical gardens and a small lake as well.

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