Top 5 Europe Travel Tips

Let’s be real, Europe is a must on everyone’s bucket list! With so many different countries to discover, you can expect interesting history, unique culture, famous architecture, delicious food, beautiful scenery and epic adventures! If it’s your first time backpacking around Europe or you’re a seasoned professional, check out our top tips to make Europe is the best trip ever!

Siesta, baby!

To survive the hot climates, Europeans often take longer midday breaks which means shops, ticket offices and attractions can often be closed from noon until 3pm. When planning your itinerary take this account, and do like the locals do take nap you’ll need it from all that sightseeing!

Everything is so close

One day you can be sipping pints in an old English pub and an hour or so later you could be cliff jumping in Croatia. Seriously, it’s that easy and close to visit another country in Europe!

Clock up those km’s

The best way to see and get around any European city is to walk! You may just discover some hidden gems that you wouldn’t have seen stuck underground on the metro. Even better walking 10-20kms a day means, you can have a churro dipped in chocolate or 10 in Spain. Carbs don’t count on holidays anyway, right?!

Learn the local language

Learn a few phrases and it will get you extra points with the locals! Ein bier bitte comes in handy in Germany and especially at Oktoberfest!

Europeans party hard

Love a good bar or club? There is plenty of nightlife to go to, think cave bars in Croatia or ruin bars in Budapest but just know that the nightlife won’t start till late, like 2am late! Europeans sure know how to party!

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