Top 4 Cities to Visit in Egypt

Egypt is the home of ancient architecture, an enigmatic sphinx and diverse cities. You have likely heard of Cairo but Egypt has several cities with their own colour and treasures. Find out here our top 4 cities to visit Egypt and who they would suit best.

1. Alexandria

One of Egypt’s largest cities, Alexandria is the City of Lost Libraries and occupied an ancient wonder of the world. Situated on Egypt’s northern coastlines, today the city has commercial buzz with plenty of beaches to enjoy.

The Pharos Lighthouse, one of the ancient wonder of the world, was said to be located here. Historians know that this lighthouse was real from its appearance on ancient coins. The legendary Library of Alexandria was fabled to have been burnt down, but historians are convinced it had a gradual decline across the centuries. Alexandria is a great place for history buffs and has museums well worth visiting such as the Alexandria National Museum.

Alexandria is best for: fascinating museums, beautiful beaches and a wealth of history.

2. Aswan

Cities don’t always have to pack a punch. Aswan is known for having a more laidback atmosphere and is great for anyone who enjoys relaxed strolls and river cruises. It was once known as the city of Swenett and is adorned with beautiful Nile River views across the city. The easy going sailing boats floating on the Nile and river views complimented by sand dunes and palm trees will take you back in time.

Whilst in Aswan, you will get to know the Philae and Kom Ombo Temples. The Philae Temple is a complex located on a small island on the river. Built in honour of the Goddess Isis, the temple is a spectacle that attracts hundreds of visitors. The temples chapel are decorated with hieroglyphics and goliath artistry that can’t be missed. As for Kom Ombo, all we can say is that it’s a unique temple that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in Egypt. A temple grand enough to please the Crocodile God, the museum at the back gives visitors a chance to coolly glance at crocodile mummies out of the glaring sun.

Aswan is best for: relaxed vibes, sun lit temples and beautiful Nile views.

3. Cairo

Anyone who has visited Cairo can tell you it has a clear border between the bustle city life and desert antiquity. The city is heralded as divinely chaotic and an experience within itself. Energetic, lively and atmospheric, the contemporary city is not to be pushed to one side. But beyond the skyscrapers you will find the Pyramids of Giza and the iconic Sphynx statue located in the desert dunes.

The Pyramids of Giza are subject to alien conspiracy theories, Netflix approved documentaries and an extraordinary example of ancient Egyptian ingenuity. They are another ancient wonder of the world and magnetise visitors from all over the world.

As for the city, Khan el-Khalili market can take your attention for hours and you might need a second to climatise. There are hordes of trinkets, lamps, silverware and antiques piled at the stalls. From handmade carpets to cafes and restaurants, there is much to discover in the streets of Cairo.

Cairo is best for: iconic pyramids, a riddle baring sphynx and bustling markets.

4. Luxor

In classic Egyptian fashion, you will be able to explore many temples in top condition. Luxor was once the ancient city of Thebes and consequently has a wealth of  archaeological sites.

The Valley of Kings was, well, fit for Kings such as Tutankhamun, Rameses II and Seti I and lies in the city. Visitors get access to their tombs and the beautiful, detailed artistry ancient created in their name. Our Egyptian Queens are also not to be forgotten. Not too far between, the Valley of Queens holds the likes of Queen Nefertari and the wife of Ramses I. There’s no doubt both will leave you awe inspired. You can learn all about mummification and burial practices with Luxor’s Mummification Museum.

Luxor also offers aerial views with a hot air balloon experiences. As the sun sets in Luxor, the orange sky becomes adorned in colourful balloons above the Nile.

Luxor is best for: incredible hot air balloon rides and the Valley of Kings and Queens.

How can I see these cities for myself?

Travelling Egypt in a tour is a great way to visit all these places in one easy swoop. You can even see Luxor city from the Nile’s point of view on our Jewels of the Nile tour.

So what are you waiting for? Egypt is worth a visit ASAP while tourist numbers are still relatively low. While other travellers are missing out, you could be taking a swim in the River Nile or enjoying a dinner cruise in Cairo. Browse our Egypt tours today!

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