The Essential Egypt Tour First Time Visitors Must Take

If you’ve ever wanted to step back in time, then Egypt is about as close to time travel as you can get. The land of ancient pharaohs, looming pyramids and mighty temples is sure to set any intrepid explorer’s pulse racing and the stark deserts and swollen waters of the River Nile provide the perfect backdrop for adventure on an epic scale. Travel to Egypt remains incredibly popular, and Egypt tours provide the ideal opportunity to experience the highlights of the country, without the stress of arranging transport or accommodation.

Travel To Egypt: The Highlights When Enjoying Egypt Tours

Egypt, though predominantly famed for its ancient landmarks and fascinating history, also offers a wealth of other experiences, which can really add depth and appreciation on your holiday. Cairo, Egypt capital and cultural melting pot, offers an intriguing insight into modern Egyptian life, and gliding silently on the River Nile almost catapults visitors into another era, with cars, technology and all the bustle of the 21st century a mere memory.

Here are a few ‘must see’ destinations for those embarking on any Egypt tour:

The Valley Of The Kings

Of course, the pyramids of Giza are possibly the most famous of the ancient Egyptian sights, but there is a silent, spectral majesty to the sun-parched Valley of the Kings that is sure to make a real impact. The deathly quiet tombs and faded hieroglyphs provide a startlingly vivid insight into the customs and beliefs of the ancient Egyptian people. Indeed, even getting to the Valley of the Kings is an experience in itself, with many choosing to traverse the rocky, sand blown route by donkey.

Sail By Felucca

According to many locals, there is only one way to travel the Nile, and that is by traditional sail boat, or felucca. Travel to Egypt simply would not be complete without a gentle trip on one of these Egyptian boats, where visitors can experience the Elephantine and Kitchener Islands and see the Nubian and Egyptian villages that line the banks of the Nile.

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo remains the arrival point for many visitors to the country and it is an excellent place to get to grips with the exuberant Egyptian culture. Explore the bazaars, visit the world famous Egyptian museum and the spectacular mosque and Hanging Church, before continuing to visit the imposing pyramids, just beyond the city outskirts.

Travel To Egypt & Experience The  Modern & Ancient Culture With Travel Talk Tours

Whether a history buff or simply someone who loves nothing more than hearing a good story, Egypt boasts not only a rich, impressive past, but can tell many tales.

If you are looking to visit a land where ancient Gods collide gently with modern religion, where crumbling ruins sit side by side with bustling bazaars and shops, and where you are sure to want to return to, time and time again then Travel Talk’s “Essential Egypt” tour is definitely the one for you.

As a first time traveller to Egypt, our 9 day trip from Cairo, through Luxor and Aswan, to Felucca will help you visit all of the best sights to see – lead by our expert travel guides all the way.

Don’t just take our word for it though, here are some of our recent reviews for our “Essential Egypt” tour:

“I thought the whole tour was fantastic. Everything ran so smoothly and the tour was planned so well. Our guide was  an amazing tour leader – so full of knowledge, willing to help with everything, accommodating and most of all he made the whole trip so much fun. He got everyone involved and was the reason our group became such good friends.” – Hannah Jervis

“We had a wonderful time. The best part of the tour was having a great group where everyone connected due to similar ages and of course an excellent tour guide. The sights and accommodation was amazing!” – Ms Gallagher

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