The Best Day Trips To Take In Morocco

Morocco is an adventurer’s paradise. Close enough to Europe to avoid the strain of a long-haul flight, yet a million miles away in terms of culture, traditions and beliefs. This exotic North African country offers a myriad of intoxicating new experiences for travellers from all walks of life to enjoy.

From the arid, rusty-red landscapes of the mountains to the vibrant colours of the Marrakech market places, the land positively bursts with sensory experience, and it’s hardly surprising that Morocco trips are so popular. If you’re exploring Morocco tours online, and want some inspiration for the best day trips to enjoy whilst staying in the country, then read on…

Morocco Day Trips: Inspirational Experiences To Enjoy In Under 24 Hours

If you’re staying in Morocco, and looking for some exciting Morocco day trips, then this guide will give you some idea of the best experiences to enjoy during your holiday.

Explore Zagora Mountain

If you want a taste of the iconic Moroccan landscape, then head to the town of Zagora, named after its mountain. Climb the dry, barren peak and visit the atmospheric ruins of the Almoravid fortress, which clings to its peak. From here, you’ll also get a remarkable view of the desert below.


In truth, although you could explore the city in a day, most Morocco tours would offer slightly longer in the imperial city of Marrakech. This is simply because there is so much to see and do here, and visitors on Morocco day trips cannot help to be lured in by the glorious chaos of snake charmers, donkeys pulling carts, colourful market stalls and street performers.

Jeep Ride Through The Desert

Immerse yourself entirely in the ambient, alluring desert landscape on a fast-paced jeep ride across the sand dunes. If you’re lucky, some Morocco trips will include this in their itinerary, if not, try to book separately, as it’s an experience not to be missed. Try to stay in one of the nomad camps in the desert, after your exhilarating jeep ride has finished, for an unforgettable night under the star-filled desert sky.


The ancient, crumbling city of Fes has quite literally thousands of narrow, winding streets, not to mention a dizzying array of souks and medinas for keen travellers to explore. Fes is a great place to visit some of the country’s most impressive mosques, not to mention some spell-binding historic sites.

Morocco Tours: Finding An Itinerary That Includes All These Morocco Day Trips

If you’re searching for a travel company that incorporates all of these exciting Morocco Day trips into its itinerary, then have a look at the Exotic Morocco tour at Travel Talk Tours. It’s a fast-paced, exuberant holiday experience, packed with the highlights of the country.

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