Iceland: Engage All Five Senses and Explore the Land of Fire and Ice

It’s no surprise that Iceland has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. With an astonishing natural environment and a never-ending list of extraordinary bucket-list experiences on offer, this country is a spectacular choice for a real adventure. 

Read on to discover how Iceland will appeal to your senses, and get inspired to book a magical getaway to the land of fire and ice.


iceland home mountain sunset


Iceland has plenty of jaw-dropping waterfalls to visit. In fact, there are more than 10,000 in total! Whether you’re gawking at Skógafoss or walking around Seljalandsfoss, it’s easy to see what all the ‘foss’ is about! 

Iceland is also known for its volcanic activity and features, it’s not called the land of fire and ice for nothing! Iceland sits on a rift that separates the tectonic plates of North America and Eurasia. Marvel at erupting geysers, active volcanoes, lava fields, and black sand beaches too. 

A waterfall and cave in Iceland

Don’t miss the chance to witness Strokkur, which sprays boiling water high into the air every 4-10 minutes. Additionally, one of the most exciting sights in Iceland is being lucky enough to see the Northern Lights. Top tip: visit during the period of January to March for the best chance of seeing this true natural phenomenon. 

aurora in Iceland


While Iceland is not particularly renowned for its cuisine, there are a few local delicacies you can sample to get a taste of Icelandic culture. For the more adventurous eaters out there, you might be brave enough to try hákari. Ever wondered what fermented shark tastes like? Of course you haven’t, but here’s your chance to find out! It’s been described as one of the most disgusting things you can ever eat… so don’t say we didn’t warn you! 


Alternatively, a tamer culinary delight is geyser bread, which is similar to the dark rye bread you can find in Scandinavia. The traditional recipes use a unique method in which dough is poured into a round pot or milk carton and baked underground in geothermal areas. The perfect loaf will be ready in around 24 hours!


Iceland’s fresh air will blow all kinds of invigorating scents your way, creating a feeling of complete rejuvenation. Be ready to breathe in smells of moss, sea spray and Icelandic birch as a result of Iceland’s natural environment and landscape. 

Iceland’s natural environment and landscape. 

You can even take Icelandic scents home with you! Bottled scents can be bought from the Jónsi aromatherapy shop in downtown Reykjavik. It’s also a mini museum documenting the country’s history through scent and sound. 

Unfortunately, you’ll also experience some far less enjoyable smells in Iceland. Strong whiffs of sulphur will be evident when visiting geysers and such, and you might even smell something reminiscent of rotten eggs while taking a shower! However, this becomes insignificant when you see the powerful geysers for yourself and experience a country which is like nowhere else on Earth. 

I volcano in Iceland


Head to Reykjavik’s iconic church, Hallgrímskirkja, to hear what 5,275 organ pipes playing sounds like. In addition to this, you can go up to the observatory to take in the sights and sounds of Iceland’s capital city. 

Alternatively, embark on a whale-watching excursion to hear these creatures’ deep exhalations and the splash of their tails. Top tip: you’ll have a greater chance of encountering these gentle giants during the summer months! 

whale-watching whale-diving


The iconic blue lagoon is usually the number one experience that travellers look forward to when visiting Iceland. Bathing in this hot spring is bliss, and the ideal way to soothe your body between all of your adventures.

Alternatively, soak yourself in the mineral-rich waters of the Myvatn Nature Baths, or visit the Secret Lagoon (known locally as Gamla Laugin). 

Myvatn Nature Baths, or visit the Secret Lagoon

At the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon and Diamond Beach, you can cruise past 30m-high icebergs and touch the shiny chunks of ice which wash up on the shore of the black sand beach. 

Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon and Diamond Beach

Ignite your senses and enliven your body with a trip to the land of fire and ice! Check out our Iceland tours here. 

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