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15 Nov

16 images that will make you want to visit Egypt!

When you think of Egypt what usually comes to mind first? Pharaohs, pyramids, tombs and ancient treasures or how about the feelings of adventure and exhilaration. Egypt is a must-see destination, filled with adventure and amazing experiences and epic sights, it’s like seeing your ancient history books come to life!

Check out our top 16  images which make Egypt a must visit destination!

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08 Feb

15 things not to miss in Egypt

The home of pharaohs, pyramids and hieroglyphs, Egypt is not a country you should miss! Like flipping through the pages of your history books, see the hustle and bustle of Cairo, gaze in awe of the temples and be bamboozled by the mystic of the Pyramids.

If you’re visiting Egypt this year, see our top 15 things you shouldn’t miss!

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20 May

Memories Of Egypt – Part 1

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I sat on the roof of our hotel to catch the last sunrise.

In the distance, three small triangles stood out in stark contrast to the multitudes of busy markets, chaotic streets and unfinished buildings the people of Cairo call home.

I tried to think back to the start of my trip, driving through the streets after midnight en route to my hotel in Giza. I couldn’t help feel there should be throngs of people lining the street. “If there are 85 million people in Egypt, where are they?” I asked my driver.

Well, after 9 days and as many cities I had well and truly found them.

Nothing can really prepare you for the first time you lay eyes on the Great Pyramids of Giza. As I looked around the bus at the expressions of the 28 strangers I’d share these experiences with, I couldn’t help but feel I already knew them all a little better.

This is why we do this, I thought. This is why we travel.

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