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30 Apr

What to expect in India

India is a dizzying mix of amazing food, people, places, monuments and culture and is a country that is sure to test you. Travelling to India is an experience within itself and is one not to be missed. It is a massive and evolving country with many cultures, religions and languages that work in harmony and intermix.

If you’re feeling slightly worried about travelling to India, fear not! We’ve compiled some handy tips and some helpful information so you will have an idea of what to expect in India to dodge enduring too much of culture shock when you arrive.

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30 Sep

6 mind-blowing experiences that you can only have in India

Caucasian woman sitting on bench and looking to Taj Mahal

India, a nation that is charmingly varied is the second most-populous country in the world with over 1.2 billion people and bursts with a diverse fusion of ethnicity, a mixture of tradition and innovation and an abundance of diverse landscapes and scenery.

Here’s 6 mind-blowing experiences that you’ve most probably dreamed of doing, seeing and facing in India.

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