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07 May

Looking Back To ANZAC Day 2014 – A Travel Talkers Story

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Didn’t manage to book yourself on one of our ANZAC Day tours this year and are wondering what you missed out on? Well don’t worry, because we’ve got a treat for you today!

Travel Talker Chloe Allyn did attend the 2014 ANZAC day service and was blown away by her experience in Gallipoli, Turkey so read on to find out more about her trip:

“Since I can remember, I always wanted to go to Gallipoli for ANZAC Day. It means so much to Australians and New Zealanders and it is a special date in all of our hearts, so to experience this day and pay respects to the fallen soldiers was truly a memory that I will never forget.

Being my first time to Turkey, I wanted to experience everything the country had to offer, so I booked a 10 day Travel Talk tour which took me to the most beautiful cities in Turkey.

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