Why You Should Spend Your Money On Travel

“Travel while you’re young and able. Don’t worry about the money, just make it work. Experience is far more valuable than money will ever be.” – This quote really rings home. Life is too short to not travel and the world is too large to not want to travel. We ought to spend our money on experiences such as travel instead of things such as a new car.  Experiences can offer a life time of gratifying memoirs. The things we obtain in life, in the other instance, rapidly become familiar and forgotten to us.

Here are some reasons as to why you should spend your money on travel.

Travel is the best thing that money can buy

Let’s face it, would you rather take countless photos from incredible places you’ve been to than pictures of yourself in your local pub weekend upon weekend? Uhhh YES! Spending your money on travel rather than physical things such as jewellery and clothing means that you will be content with unbelievable memories, a widened viewpoint, and remarkable snaps which you can treasure. A selfie in Santorini for the sunset with your friends will beat a toilet selfie any day. Nomadic reminiscences are tenfold better than having nothing to show for your empty bank account except a hangover.

Because science says so

You heard that right! It has been scientifically confirmed that persons who spend their cash on experiences rather than things are significantly happier. Experiences generate memories that last forever, even long after they have gone. Going through photos of past travels and experiences takes you back to that view moment in time and makes you re-remember how it amazing it was. Travel forms eternal relationships and bonds, and encourages inner reflection and insights. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags!

It will put everything into perspective

Have you been to Morocco or Egypt? Or how about Russia or Croatia? Each country with their landscape, culture, people, region and vibe is different. But that’s what makes them so great! Nothing teaches you greater thankfulness and appreciation for the privileged life that you live in, other than travel. From beggars, to places where running water is limited, to no electricity, dirty streets, lack of food and so on, you realise that nothing in this life should be taken for granted. Travel opens your eyes and creates a clearer perspective and outlook on life.

It will be your utmost education

Travel unlocks the world. It makes you comprehend how unaware you are about this world. You discover new history, culture, religions, architecture, food and people that you did not know existed, or perhaps had an idea however, you didn’t fully get it. Sometimes you don’t understand something until you are physically there. What’s more, you acquire fantastic skills of how to look after yourself and how to manage your budget accordingly. And, most notably, you learn how to live in the current moment, the only moment that truly matters.

Travel is the gift to yourself that keeps on giving

Who doesn’t use the word ‘YOLO’ these days? It is the term that is so often used in this generation. You Only Live Once. The accurate explanation of the meaning doesn’t mean getting smashed every weekend and blowing a large some of coin on materialistic things. Instead it means, spending your money experiencing what the big wide world has to offer. The pleasure devoted to preparing, booking and commencing on a trip with no idea what to expect is unparalleled to the slight rush you get paying for another item of clothing.

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