Smugglers Cove

Revel in the exotic tunes of the Mediterranean in Smugglers Cove, the hippest stretch of the Turquoise Coast.

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The road from Kas to Kekova—and when we say road, we mean a glittering sea lane tracing Turkey’s sinuous Mediterranean coast—is ladened with jaw-dropping treasures. The luxury beach and nightlife scenes take a dramatic turn here, where a quirky history accompanies the views. Among the ancient Lycian ruins, you will come across scenes of sea and land so awe-inspiring that you won’t look away. Most photogenic ones await all around the Smugglers Cove.

The sailors and pirates of times past left their marks along the Turquoise Coast of Turkey. Today, each brings along a moment of inspiration. The conspicuous hallmark Simena Castle is among them, best viewed from the water as you approach Kekova. Harboring a true old-world feeling, the castle will offer you a glimpse into Lycian history. It is said that the Knights of Rhodes built the castle to defend the port from pirates. The fortress walls are a staggering sight standing sentinel over the city perched on a rocky hill. Hike up to the top, and you will witness all-encompassing views. But, perhaps the most impressive sight in the region is the sunken ruins of Kekova. Almost completely submerged, the ruins will take your breath away at first sight. The cove’s crystal clear waters make the job of spotting them relatively easy.

Once a pirate hideaway, the Smuggler’s Cove is the most perfect finishing touch to a day of sailing among ruins. This is where the flirtatious face of the Mediterranean is most spirited. At night, the cove comes to life with a dizzyingly diverse social scene, steamy parties, and the coast’s most aromatic beverages. The ambiance in Smuggler’s Cove will get under your skin.

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