A Guide to Lisbon, Portugal

Beach. City. Custard tarts. Portugal’s capital city and one of the oldest cities in the world, this isn’t just another European city. Visitors are unsure what to expect when visiting Lisbon. Find out here all the characteristics of this historic city.

1. Tram rides

As walkable as the city is, Lisbon has steep roads due to be located in the seven hills. Give your aching feet a rest from exploration and take a ride on the lemon yellow tram. The famous trams whisk you all over the city and allow you to catch unmatchable sights of the rustic streets.

Lisbon, Portugal train

2. Nightlife

One thing’s for certain: Lisbon locals know how to have a good time. The Bairro Alto area is particularly known for its vigorous nightlife. There you will discover streets full of bars and opportunity to socialise with the locals.

Lisbon, Portugal treet

3. Historical sites

In Lisbon, historical sites are a natural feature of the streets and at every turn there is a old gem to discover. The Lisbon Cathedral is the city’s oldest church and most iconic. Since its construction in the 12th century, it has experienced earthquakes and numerous other natural disasters. It has survived however, and visitors can view it’s Romanesque features. The tram system easily whisks you to the church’s door.

Lisbon, Portugal travel

Alfama Quarters has survived the centuries and stands as the city’s oldest quarter. Catch a tram up to the Lisbon heights and take a glance at the sea of striking orange roofs.

St George Castle crowns Lisbon’s historic centre. The castle was constructed during the Moorish occupation of Lisbon in the 8th century. The imposing castle walls have created a peaceful getaway from the lower city buzz and visitors are welcome to find out about the castle’s centuries old history. 

Lisbon, Portugal view

4. Pastel de Nata

The nation’s favourite sweet treat is something everyone should try at least once. Known as Pastel de Nata, the tantalising tarts are blond cups of sweet egg custard. The creamy filling has singed spots on its head and is sometimes dusted with cinnamon. Pastel de Nata are readily available across the city at almost every turn!

Lisbon, Portugal food

5. Beach

Lisbon gives you the option of either being a beach bum or a city slicker. If you decide to embrace the former, the city is conveniently close to Portugal’s coast. The closest beach is only 30 minutes away. But if you don’t want to stray too far, Lisbon’s port can provide glittering views of the west coast.

Lisbon, Portugal beach
Touring Portugal

Lisbon is one of the many amazing places Portugal boast. Attached to the hip of Spain, Western Europe has coasts, city and experiences waiting to be had.

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