By Air: Getting to Serre Chevalier is easiest via Turin and Grenoble airports, and transfers from Turin are invariably the quickest and cheapest. Public transport is also possible, but requires various changes en route and can end up costing as much as the cheapest airport transfer service.

Nearest Airports to Serre Chevalier:Serre Chevalier’s nearest and most convenient airports to fly to are Turin or Grenoble with transfer times of around two hours. Other airport options include Lyon, Milan and Marseilles, but transfers are longer and therefore are more expensive. If travelling from the UK, BA, RyanAir and Easyjet offer regular flights to Turin and both Easyjet and RyanAir offer services to Grenoble.

Turin 128km / 1 hour 50 min
Grenoble 151km / 2 hours 15 min
Lyon 205km / 3 hours
Marseille 261km / 3 hours
Milan (Linate) 271km / 3 hours 10 min.

Getting to Serre Chevalier from Grenoble airport by public transport: From Grenoble airport an airport mini bus service departs every 30 minutes and takes half an hour to reach Grenoble central bus and train station (Gare Routiere). There’s a bus service between Grenoble Gare Routiere and Briancon, twice daily in high sesason and once a day in low season, which takes two hours and 20 minutes to complete the 112km journey to Briancon..

Getting to Serre Chevalier from Turin airport by public transport: From Turin airport there is a bus service to Turin town centre that takes thirty minutes and leaves every half hour, terminating at the central train station where there are trains to Olux close to the French border. From Olux there is a bus service to Briancon central station that connects to the train arrivals. From Briancon train station there is a regular bus service to the other villages in the valley.

*Airport transfer is not available for Ski France tours.

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