Sailing Croatia’s beautiful islands

If you haven’t already, this summer might be the time for you to sail the crystal waters of Croatia. The Adriatic Sea, part of the Mediterranean, is an increasingly popular holiday destination to enjoy the bright summer sun with the cool waters. But not to forget, what makes it all better are the countless islands with tons of attractions.

Unforgettable islands of the Adriatic
Split and Dubrovnik are highlights on their own, as the famous towns are popular already. So, I won’t go into the obvious –still Dubrovnik is a fairy-tale beauty! As you are sailing Croatia, you will be strolling on the beautiful sea and docking at numerous famous islands of the region.
The country is said to have more than a thousand islands in many sizes, but some of them are of course, more worth a visit. If you itinerary is well cut-out like mine was, your Croatia tour will be a very memorable one. Sailing Croatia from island to island, I picked out some of the islands to introduce to the curious traveler to help make up their mind.

The islands is a fantastic summer resort in its own. One of the most interesting features of the island is its 2km long pebbles beach. You probably will find a spot or your towel and umbrella!

Here is the most South-Eastern of the large islands. Selected among the 10 most beautiful islands in the world by Time Magazine, some part of the islands is a huge national park. You can go around the park, do biking, hiking or swimming, also make sure you see the breath-taking Monastery of Saint Mary. Legend says Calypso trapped her lover Odysseus in this charming islands for years! A huge party awaits you by the island, if you are on the Travel Talk boat.

You may have heard the name from years ago as this is where Marco Polo was born, and you can still go through his old house for an attraction. The island is a very old settlement as discovered at several archeological sites. It is one of the most crowded islands of the Dalmatian islands and has many bars, restaurants and clubs to enjoy.

Among the most popular destinations in the region, Hvar is very sunny and lively all summer. There are many classy bars and clubs providing amazing nightlife – enough to bring Prince Harry there. The islands was also selected as one of the top travel destinations, as you are sailing Croatia, make it count!

A huge mountainous island, Brac hosts the famous beach of Zlatni Rat. Hard to describe, best to witness, the shape of the beach shifts and changes according to the tidal waves. It has also been settled by humans since thousands of years ago.

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